39 thoughts on “[런닝맨] somebody 누군가 나를 좀 말려줘요, 화려한 오프닝 / 'Runningman' Review”

  1. 아이돌 팩트 : 지금이 해외 사람들한테 훨씬 인지도 있고 해외 k pop 위상 올라간건 사실이지만 정작 우리나라에서는 요즘 노래 잘 모름 (엄청 유명한거 빼고)

  2. Definitely one of Running Man's best opening scenes! Enjoy this as much as I did:

    0:43 – Ha Ha with Infinite
    1:55 – Gary with APink
    3:34 – Ji Hyo with Beast
    5:10 – Jae Suk with Girl's Day
    6:25 – Kwang Soo with MBLAQ
    8:35 – Jong Kook with Sistar
    10:20 – Suk Jin with 2PM

    I even got a notepad to record this HAHAHA but hey! An opening such as this needs is worth this much diligence. We love you Running Man!!! Jjang! ❤💙

  3. Woahhh it's so nostalgic. I came here in 2020, and it's one of the funnies episode of Runningman and I love the interaction and between the idols, they like friends and so casual to each other. It's so rare these days. I still love Runningman until now, though.

  4. 2nd Gen Kpop era is still my fave…That time I really dont have a bias group since I really love all the group..

  5. Please make this episode like this again with jeon so min and yang se chan as addition to the group, it would be so great and awesome

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