20 Simple Minecraft LIFE HACKS!

20 Minecraft life hacks to make your Minecraft experience fun and easy!

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These are 20 fun and simple life hacks for minecraft that will show you how to make minecraft more fun and easy to play! These minecraft life hacks show you the best ways to play minecraft by showing you super simple minecraft tips and tricks to cut corners in your survival worlds and make the most of your game!

✅ Thanks so much Xavier! Check out his channel!

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29 thoughts on “20 Simple Minecraft LIFE HACKS!”

  1. I knew about the granite diorite and adnesite crafting recepie since the crafting recipie was released 🙂

  2. My god this is so cringey… cant watch this guy talk for more than a minute, actual cancer in video form

  3. Откуда вас столько развелось? Подписчиков больше, чем у Лололошки

  4. Another life hack only make a wooden pikaxe when you start and then mine 19 cobblestone and that will get you a stone sword pikaxe axe shovel hoe and a furnace

  5. Another hacc
    Use shovels for getting dirt blocs.
    Use a sword to get bawk bawk meat.
    Use a axe for wud.
    Use a piccaxe for rawks.
    Use a ho for weet.
    Use flinty and steely for fire.
    Use a bacon for unlimited potion effects.
    Use a water bucket to do absolutely everything.

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