3dRudder | Review | PlayStation VR – There’s a new controller in town!

I take an in-depth look at the latest peripheral designed to enhance your PlayStation VR experience! Thanks for watching and if you like this vid…why not subscribe? If you love this vid then hit that bell!





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9 thoughts on “3dRudder | Review | PlayStation VR – There’s a new controller in town!”

  1. The limitations doesn't warrant the current price tag.
    This is nothing but an added controller and should be priced as such……$50-$60 I think is reasonable.
    I'll wait for a very hard sale when they can't move these things off the shelves.

  2. I thought the goal was immersion, I just don't get how sitting down using a foot controller is better than standing using the moves. Personally I never had any issue using moves with no analog. Most full locomotion control schemes on PSVR just have you point or look in the direction you want to move to. I never understood how people struggled with that.

  3. My only issue with this is that it forces you to sit. But for games I would play sitting, this would be nice to use. If the price is right, I'd consider buying this, but honestly, ill prolly wait for the PSVR2 to see if this is still needed before i buy this which would also give them time to refine it a bit more. And 120.00 is WAY too much IMHO. I'm good and used to the Current PSVR Control as limited as they may be. + that's 125 towards PS5 and PSVR2 which is gonna be quite expensive. Great review. Thanks a ton

  4. I wonder how difficult it is for developers to implement the 3D Rudder into there games? I mean is it just a matter of patching basic movements or dose the whole game need to be reprogrammed, in that case, allot of work for a game like Skyrim. Any insight?

  5. If it turns out that Skyrim VR gets 3DRudder support, that might be enough right there to convince me to buy this! Thanks for doing this review Ryan!

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