American Idol Top 10 Finalists Season 17 | Live Show Results 2019

The top 14 finalists compete in their first American Idol Live show to see who will advance to the Top 10. Seven of the finalists are selected by American voters and the final three finalists are selected by the American Idol judges.

Watch to see the top 10 reveal and which finalists made it through or read further to see if your favorite from the top 14 made the cut.

America Idol top 10 finalists season 17 results:

Alejandro Aranda – Pomona, Calif.
Alyssa Raghu – Orlando, Fla.
Dimitrius Graham – Baltimore, Md.
Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon – Catonsville, Md.
Laci Kaye Booth – Livingston, Tex.
Laine Hardy – Livingston, La.
Madison Vandenburg – Cohoes, N.Y.
Uché – Sugar Land, Tex.
Wade Cota – Phoenix, Ariz.
Walker Burroughs – Birmingham, Ala.


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44 thoughts on “American Idol Top 10 Finalists Season 17 | Live Show Results 2019”

  1. goose bumps , goose bumps … how can u be able to choose with who will be the final winner when every has all the potentials to be the next american idol 🙂 well , definitely this is what ai2019 is all about … all pure talent …with matching charisma 🙂 i'm rooting for the guys 🙂 many talents though .. tsk tsk 🙂

  2. I am torn thin this year. I really love Jerimah. Glad to see Adam Lambert is going to mentor April 28th he is my favorite ever on American idol

  3. I don't watch Idol. Just came across Top 10. Oh my goodness. Is this the best we can come up with? Will just go back to not watching Idol. Thanks

  4. Dimitrius is hoping his jewelry, nose piercing, queer earring & feminine fingernail polish get him the freak/queer/tranny vote. He needs therapy and a manual labor job.

  5. Everyone is so talented! But Alejandro has my vote ❤️ he is unique! He really doesn’t have to do anything with his voice because he just got it!

  6. Raghu is no GO for me. Ashley deserves better. Alejandro, yes. Laine, I’m jealous you handsome you!!! Uche, you oooche oooche mama!!!

  7. Alejendro is by far the best artist I've ever heard on idol or maybe anywhere it's crazy. I feel lucky to listen to his music.

  8. Top 7

    Top 5
    Top 3

    Winner: Alejandro

  9. Why Katy chose Raghu over Ashley Hess baffled me. Raghu wasn't chosen by the people again this year because she is NOT Idol material, that's not saying she isn't talented, but two others had more talent vocally than she did, she was off key, and sounds like any other singer, nothing outstanding about her at all. She chose her because she sang her song, and this was her second time around, but absolutely not worthy to be in the top 10! Ashley gave an outstanding performance! WRONG CHOICE KATY!!

  10. 2019….Having watched all 17 years of AI, this is the best-batch-of-talent EVER!! (Especially Alejandro who is #1) But, I found something that makes me wonder how we can Title 1 of these 14 The Best American Idol when there are voices like this talented young lady out there: "I'm just saying". ;O)

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