33 thoughts on “Among the Sleep – Ending [HD]”

  1. When you realize the monster with the crazy hair is proboly the mom because whenever it walks close to you it distorts and when the mom hits you that also happens so this is the child's view on its mother

    A monster.

  2. Not sure if this is 100% true since I’m not been following the among the sleep game but I believe the demon lady is the Mom cause of her being drunk and if it this is right that pretty messed up for a 2 year old

  3. It shows how, no matter how horrible the mom was to the 2 year old, he was trying to recollect memories of the time when her mom was happy and not abusive. The baby still loved his mom (also due to the fact that he caressed her hair even after she pushed him away) Children will always love you. :(( overall just a sad, game honestly.

  4. Guys, after reading all the comments about mommy being a monster, what do you think now about the prologue and the content. Who was know Teddy?

  5. When I was a young girl I didn't know what was happening. My mom was the teddy and my dad was the monster. My dad did drugs and alcohol I didn't know until I was a teenager. My mom was very patient and sweet and always tried to make a better life for us. Finally after 5 years my mom got a divorce from my dad and we finally were happy. When I saw this scene it made me very happy and I cried I totally related to this. 😌

  6. This is one of the only…ANYTHING about video games that ive found that really express the horror a child goes through (even if it is a little overboard) and its really sad too think that this is the reality for so many kids and more so the person abusing the use of alcohol. Its usually worse for the person using the alcohol as so many people blame them when its the alcohol and addictions fault. Most people (especially parents in this situation) try too stop using alcohol but too no avail 🙁 its sad too know that beyond the alcohol and addiction they are great people and especially great parents but just get so close to treatment and then lose there grip just too fall back into the never ending pit of addiction. Instead of getting angry at the person try too help them because, trust me it WILL make it worse if you yell or get mad. Thank you for reading this REALLLLLLLLY long comment and I hope you learn that the people abusing alcohol aren’t always the “monster” if you just look past that thin wall of alcohol

  7. Remember the drawings..? The lady was thirst. So she drank from the fountain. It made her happy. But once she drank too much..she became a monster.

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