33 thoughts on “Among The Sleep Walkthrough Full Game Let's Play No Commentary Gameplay”

  1. Thay should make a nother among the sleep where he is bigger❤❤this game remains me of toy story because of the teddy bear lol I all so think the game is adorable to❤

  2. The game is very confusing if it is a dream or reality but teddy explains in the museum that the Mother is the monster abusing the child AND leading the child further into the dreamlands by scaring the child but the mother is not evil but there relationship was bad and nor the dad or the mom handled it well.

  3. Can someone help me out. I’m playing the switch version and there’s no washing machine. I don’t know if the game glitched or what but I’m stuck lol

  4. 1:19:15
    The star puzzle didn't work for me. I emptied the box then moved it, instead of directly moving it out and somehow the drawer didn't ho through the hole but hit the wall below it. Now im stuck. Anyone else get that issue? Please help. I don't want to restart the game

  5. 1:00:27 Oof that jump scare he was probably having a panic attack like look at that mouse movement bro im sad for him

  6. The poor kid, it all started when he tried to fall asleep, little did
    he know he was going on a trip to wonderland with a stuffed bear

  7. Ms.mom you are incorrect not every boy and girl are sleeping some are getting ready to wake up across the world right now

  8. Did anyone else like myself accidentally have the game’s secret spoiled before playing it but was STILL scared when playing it? ;D

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