49 thoughts on “Ana vs 3 times buyback save OG | Ana 11 million $ buyback”

  1. Can someone explain why the last one was so good if he didn’t even use it? Or was it the case that he had it if he did need it?

  2. now i know why he didn't used his buyback during their match vs liquid in ti9. it's already been used 3 times here!! xD

  3. That’s some next level plays! Saving for buyback then baiting your mid core. Knowing that the enemies will use most of their skills just to burst you. All skills on cool down. Perfect time to B.B. and kill everyone.

  4. maybe ana should sell his dota ID next time so he can save OG again next time..it would be 10 trillion buyback

  5. Absolutely disgusting end to the video with that massive slowdown, which 2x speed did not even help, my ears are in pain… trash editing


    but, comeback is not about luck its about patient, persistent, and determination!
    you guys deserve the aegis.

  7. NoTail's the true MVP here. See how he isolates core heroes making it useless in team fights. Flowers for BigDaddy.

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