Astro C40 TR Controller Review – Is it Worth It?

The new Astro C40 TR controller is here with a twist – it’s modular. Can this wireless PS4 / PC controller be the next addition to your setup?
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35 thoughts on “Astro C40 TR Controller Review – Is it Worth It?”

  1. This Is easily the best Sony controller ever made , finally someone got It right now all Sony has to do Is make this their standard.

  2. Make this official PS5 controller! with some sort of extra premium finish. This takes dumps all over the regular extremely outdated PS4 controller. Make It happen Sony!.

  3. Love this controller. Just with Astro would implement on-screen battery monitoring. They 'claim' this is coming, but it's been 6 months already so we'll see.

  4. Is this have six axis? Dualshock 4 thing when in some games like flower need just lift tilt controller to control. And light reacts like dualshock 4? Like in re2 you injured dualshock 4 lights red.

  5. the dpad nor buttons are good enough like the battle beaver customs, the driver look fancy but most likely wont work on linux and also it's kinda dump spend a fortune in a gamepad in the end of the current console gen

  6. Anyone that bought this controller actually have feedback on it? I am just concerned about the drift that's been reported on the controller? What if you have to buy a new stick because of drift?? This video don't address why people are looking for paddles. Paddles are needed for Fortnite if you don't play claw. Do you like it for this gm?

  7. totally agree that reviews same day/week after getting a product sucks. refreshing to see a FIRST review after the product has been used for a while.

  8. I've only had this controller for a few days, and already my aim is improving in Black Ops 4. The biggest advantage it has is the lack of Analog Stick Snap. It takes some resistance to move a DS4 stick from neutral. The Astro C40 though has no snap, but enough overall resistance to help me move and aim more deliberately.

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