Beelink GT King PRO Gaming test/Android games/Amlogic S922X Mali G52 Review

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11 thoughts on “Beelink GT King PRO Gaming test/Android games/Amlogic S922X Mali G52 Review”

  1. NETFLIX: To get rid off black borders on NETFLIX. Cast from your android box to chromecast. Set hdmi where you have chromecast. Go to picture settings on tv – screen control – wide mode. try smart zoom or zoom.maybe you must change picture size or screen position (to make text visible) it works on chromecast V.2 & V.3 You get HD too, but you must have HD subscription on NETFLIX.

  2. Nice video, but I want to ask you for the next video you use the Apk DevCheck to know if this TV Box has API (Backend) Vulkan suppot.Thanks. I'm used Google translate.

  3. Beelink GT King Pro : the best TV-box gets better! CPU: big.LITTLE Hexa-core CPU (4*[email protected], 2*Cortex-A53*1.8GHz)
    RAM: 4GB LPDDR4 ,Storage: 64GB eMMc Internal Storage, SDXC Card Support ,excellent heat-dissipation
    , never worry about buffering and overheat. 4 USB ports, The S922X-H processor has DTS Listen and Dolby Audio licenses.

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