Blood & Truth | PSVR Review [EXPLICIT]

Blood & Truth takes The London Heist and explodes it into a 5-hour campaign that’s half non-stop action, half brilliantly delivered narrative – and simply stunning from beginning to end. A must have for all PlayStation VR owners.

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45 thoughts on “Blood & Truth | PSVR Review [EXPLICIT]”

  1. Just finished this game. Best VR game i have played to date,hands down. I take my cap off to the developers. Very cleverly designed and packed with madness.. John Wick springs to mind. I'd highly recommend this game..

  2. This is yet another great game destroyed by movement restrictions😔 Tho you are restricted to your minimum selections of cover you still get an amazing experience of feeling like you are apart of what's going on.Still would recommend this game to everyone who wants a good storyline 👍

  3. Here's my opinion: it sucks ass. After the third mission it glitched, and all my weapons have disappeared leaving me to just sit and watch as I died over and over. I would restart the game but it appears that option is unavailable. I imagine the game would be good if I actually got to play it.

  4. 2:38 ruined all possibilities of me ever getting this game.
    I absolutely despise bullet sponges in games especially when the game is supposed to be immersive.

    I do accept in a lot of Hollywood action films The main character or some of the main villains could take much more damage than any normal human could.
    But seen a typical minion take an entire magazine without flinching would ruin any immersion I would have.

  5. Finally got around to playing Blood and Truth but I'm feeling disappointed.

    Apart from still trying to find the best way to play, sitting or standing, and getting my damn machine gun to holster it just feels a bit ….dull. 

    When sitting in the car there is no body which takes away the feeling of actually being in the vehicle. Same when on the plane, it is like you're a ghost in there with arms only. When jumping from buildings i didn't really get a sense of depth. 

    Yes shooting enemies whilst strafing is fun but I'm also having issues reloading at times as sometimes it just switches the gun to the other hand instead of loading the cartridge. 

    The graphics are a bit hit and miss at times through the headset too.

    It is all a bit meh and I turned it off.

  6. With this game, Firewall, Astro Bot, Until Dawn RoB, Re 7 and Farpoint I can easily say PS has the best VR Games!!!

  7. As much as I love free movement in VR games, I think for VR I actually prefer rail movement. Freely moving in VR along with trying to aim well and stay on track sometimes feel like too much for me. Case in point, Farpoint. Fun game, but I got tire of it because of the free movement and constant dodging the spider enemies. But I love Rush of Blood because all I have to focus on is shooting. So Blood and Truth seems right for me for VR.

  8. I dont know if it was the game or me since i just bought psvr and have only this game, but the game always seemed the tiniest bit out of focus. I couldn't read the clipboards or do similar things because they were always just out of focus.

  9. Why can’t there be full locomotion? I wish I would have watched more reviews. I still think Doom VFR is the best looking PSVR game to date, and no one talks about it.

  10. So, no one said anything about the cigar moment in the game. You can actually smoke it and blow the smoke! Are you kidding me🤯?? That freaked me out for 30 minutes. Best game on VR. 🥇🤯

  11. If you go to PlayStation store it says PlayStation move required so you can’t use DualShock. Pretty important to know

  12. I felt that its good but… I only felt like I was moving when going up the elevator shaft. Running felt flat and the last scene with the plane would of been much better if we'd be able to actually hang on a bit longer to experience take off and maybe even fly it to get clear of the city.

    Also the game felt less interactive than london heist and graphically it doesn't quite hold up as well due to the scale.

    I did think it was good and well acted but I just never felt I was fully there like I did in ace combat vr.

    The game needs better more realistic movements and a major graphical update so everything is crisp.on

    Lastly the game is blurrier when you move your eyes left and right without moving your head which again breaks the immersion.

    That being said I really loved the game alot and had alot of fun….I just don't think its vrs goldeneye due to the lack of place in the locations.

    What made Goldeneye great was the vast exciting locations…missile silos, antarctica, underground facilities, dams we could jump off. Blood and truth doesn't have the same sense of place. Maybe we need a new remake of the original goldeneye in VR to make the most of this current gens limitations

  13. For some reason it really annoyed me that you waited till the last 30 seconds of the video to actually aim with sights. Otherwise this looks pretty epic in terms of entertainment!

  14. I wish bravo team Gamers development would take their cue from this game. When you change positions you don't do into a third person perspective!

  15. WTF I’ve been waiting for this game for about 2 years and didn’t even realise it had been released already 😂 that was a quiet release!

  16. 1st playthrough is fun. Repeat playthroughs are pretty boring. Repetitive and easy gameplay. Boring, cliche plot. You should at least be able to skip the cutscenes. I'd say this game gets more credit than it deserves.

  17. is it it possible to play this while sitting? or do you need to get up and move around? (i'm in a leg cast for the next 6 months)

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