Can You Get 11 ABS Like A KPOP IDOL? (I Tried A YouTuber’s Routine For 30 Days)


Can You Get 11 ABS Like A KPOP IDOL? (I Tried A YouTuber’s Routine For 30 Days) In This video, I jump into a workout routine by a gorgeous fitness enthusiast like me who has beautiful 11-shaped abs.

I figured since she has 11 abs like an authentic Kpop idol, it would be a pretty legit idea to follow her 11 abs workout routine for 30 days.

Now, at no moment does she claim that you can get 11 abs with her routine in 30 days, but 30 days is how long it usually takes me to see final results. I do start seeing changes as early as 1 week… so, maybe we’ll see the same with this routine.

This is Zoe’s complete routine and how I’m doing it:
3 sets, 5 times a week.
– 1-minute plank
– 15 leg raises
– 15 raised leg crunches
– 15 side crunches
– 15 bend extend ab tuck
– 30-second bicycle
– 30 knee to elbow plank
– 30 hip twists

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25 thoughts on “Can You Get 11 ABS Like A KPOP IDOL? (I Tried A YouTuber’s Routine For 30 Days)”

  1. Hello my beautiful queen! And hi to the kings who pass by! ^_^ Thanks for chilling with this weirdo. Hope this video motivates you to try fun, challenging and new ways to stay active. In the meanwhile, let me know if there are any topics, videos you'd like to see covered here. Besos!! <3

  2. To get rid of the extra fat that’s hiding your abs you would have to change your diet (no sugar, only getting carbs from fruits vegetables legumes brown rice and whole grains and eat lean proteins such as fish or chicken)

  3. I think it had to do with much more than exercising, I’ve seen that the proper way to have abs is changing you’re diet to something cleaner combined with cardio to burn overall fat then adding ab exercises to define. I mean I’m not a pro or anything I’m just telling what I’ve seen and it kind of worked for me so … also Chloe Ting 11 ab workout is what has helped me 😊 thx though for showing us this kind of content

  4. I have been doing workouts for for 3 years ( started in 6th grade) and I’m seeing nothing I still have fat on me that I want to get rid of, I have been working out for an hour everyday, and I see nothing, I don’t know how I could change it….

  5. I’m so thankful I ran into this video, I thought that If i just did the video I’d get it, but i think I’m going to start cardio and change my diet. 🙂

  6. Hi! So I was supposed to give mini “updates” of my results using this workout, even though I did see a difference in my abs (disclaimer: I usually eat pretty healthy, but due to vacations I haven’t been able to be that healthy, so yeah) I wasn’t really happy with the results, so I’ve been doing: Holly Dolke – 1 week flat stomach (intense!). And let me tell you, I’m very happy because I can see more definition on my abs and on the “11 abs” as well! I will be following this workout every morning as I’ve already been doing this for a week. I’ll try to better my diet and maybe do another of Holly’s workouts at night. Hope you reach your goals! You’re still beautiful though 🙂

  7. Need more cardio like running I for real was just like this and wanted abs and nothing was happening bc I wasn’t running enough

  8. I’ve noticed just ab workouts aren’t enough, often if there’s fat on top you’ll need to do cardio to burn it off. It might also have something to do with breathing technique, I suggest you do more research because getting abs is more than just following one workout

  9. I have been struggling with getting abs lol but I'm trying this! I lost a couple of pounds in the past month and I can't wait to see progress 😀

  10. This helped me so much you don’t even know💗 I’m only 13 and I’m a little bit under weight, but the thing is I’m really un happy with the way I look. It’s not that I want to loose weight I just want to gain muscle where the chub is. Seeing you talk about the workouts and seeing you so dedicated to working your body, really did inspire me to work harder for what I want💗 I’m super proud of you and I hope to be as dedicated as you one day!!

  11. I've been doing her workout and now that I'm watching you do it, I realized I'm doing it wrong cause I never do more than one set😅😖😭😂 I'm gonna keep trying tho, you've inspired me and I wanna see your results. I wish you luck!!

  12. I'm getting similar results but I followed #ChloeTingChallenge work out, the lines on the sides of my belly are very defined now. We're around the same weight.
    I'm on day 5 of the routine ☺️.

  13. Omg I loved this so much!!! You deserve so much more! I'm not particularly skinny however I have a really good metabolism. I ran every day for a week before starting doing this workout and after three days I could already see fainted abs on the top. However I really need to loose lower belly fat to be able to start showing the lines and the lower abs. From now on I'm going to run in the morning and do 2 sets of this workout and see if it works.

  14. Love this kind of videos! You deserve much more subscribers, the quality of the video, your editing skills, YOU! I love all of those things! ♥️ Keep going with this experiment! Right know I’m trying the other video, from the other Korean girl (not Chloe ting nor zoey) and I’m seeing some results, but I’m like those people that can see fast changes so I’ll keep going ☺️

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