39 thoughts on “Catherine: Full Body Review”

  1. If it was more xrated maybe.. frustratingly hyped boring puzzlegame. If Im only supposed to look at the movie scenes I could watch an anime instead.

  2. Honestly whoever owns a ps3 or xbox 360 just buy it on there. Its cheap same game same thing just cheaper. Its a remaster that to me doesn't look remastered. As if the original looked bad in the first place. If its not broken don't fix it.

  3. The game was great. I don't usually like visual novel style games but don't let the dating sim part put you off. The block puzzle gameplay is innovative and fun, so if you are looking for something different ( in terms of gameplay ) check this out. I bought it because the I played a lot of action rpgs that year and wanted to try it out. Although I don't think it is worth getting for someone who played it before, especially for full price. I kinda hate atlus's way of adding new content, I feel like they twist the game imo. I feel like I'm missing something but at the same time I don't feel like going through almost the same thing. I didn't get a chance to play Persona5 and so I will hold off till Persona5R is out.

  4. Imo the horror/mystery elements to the story and the social interaction with friends is far better than the romantic aspect of the game, so I'm kind of surprised the reviewer barely mentioned those bits

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