Chris Kläfford – Utan Dina Andetag Reaction | We Never Heard The Swedish Idol Winner Sing in Swedish

Considering Chris is from Sweden, we were surprised that to date all the songs we listened to from him are in English! So we wanted to hear his voice in Swedish. And this song is the ticket!

Really great ballad. Adding it to the tunes we listen to in the car!

Original Vid

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26 thoughts on “Chris Kläfford – Utan Dina Andetag Reaction | We Never Heard The Swedish Idol Winner Sing in Swedish”

  1. We're on the hunt for more original and interesting performances from Chris! Recommendations plz! You all never disappoint
    Check out our Chris playlist!
    And check out John X Lulu Fun Time!

  2. You talked about the image producer. There is actually a good video showing the image producer of Swedish Idol at work while Chris is singing "Take me to church" and it is amazing watching that guy yell out cameras and cuts. It would probably make for a good reaction video.

  3. So this song is commonly sung at swedish weddings, it's a heartfelt ballad about the feeling of belonging together, to essientaly sharing the same breath and also the fear of losing it I guess. The song was originally made by the swedish band Kent. You should check them out.

  4. I know that you're sleeping

    Feeling the warmth from your skin

    Just the scent makes me weak

    But I don't dare to wake you now

    I should give you

    Everything you point at

    But it's only when you don't hear

    When I dare to say things like that

    I can't even walk

    Without your breath in my lungs

    I can't even stand

    When you're not watching

    And I turn into transparent gray

    Without your breath

    My clock has stopped

    Under your eye lids

    The dreams are fluttering past by

    Inside you are light like a feather and white

    And without a sound

    My heart in your hand

    I have lost my language

    It's getting stuck in your hair

    I can't even walk

    Without your breath in my lungs

    I can't even stand

    When you're not watching

    And I turn into a pale tear

    Without your breath

    I can't even walk

    Without your breath in my lungs

    I can't even stand

    If you're not watching

    And transparent gray

    What would I be

    Without your breath

    What would I be

    Without your breath

  5. Yes. It's a love ballad (Without your breath) The first recording of this song is by Sanna Nielsen. She's amazing! Her "Empty Room" ( swedish final for Eurovision 2008 – and didn't win!) is something that's.. can't find right word. lol Chris' song here is also recorded by the swedish group Kent.
    Chris does this SO GOOD! Love to listen to him! e has so much soul. This video with this song sung by Kent have english subs as well so you can get the lyrics in english. Personally I prefer Chris. 😀
    Love that you're back with Chris. Thanks guys. Love from Sweden

  6. Thank you sweet Lulu and great the man John. We Swedes really precite your covering of our Swedes fellow Swede Chris. We know you like Chris. Thank you for continuing your coverage of Chris even when he din't get to the finals in AGT. Thank you cool L&J. We love you.! <3 If you need to Google it about language is just plain a love long. Learn Swedish or make us Swedes translate it to you. Preciate the love from you guys tho.! 🙂 Lulu and John you rock! The thing we preciate is sweet Lulu even if she doenst know about the language she doesnt understand the lyrics. Fantastic. We love you Lulu. Fantastic reaction. And ofcourse Joh, as always gettin in to it. Thinking, what is this? Well, Lulou and Jihn we all love you guys. Thank you for the coverage in your channel even if you doenst undersatand the language. Fantastic. Thgan you guys. We love you!

  7. There is a video of Chris singing Imagine in juli in a restaurant called Ingeborgs. He's sitting on a high stool with he's gutiarr. People are talking and laughing. When he sings people get more and more quiet. He's emotion shaking his head when he's singing this song is beautiful, he is so into this song. I hope that someone here can send this to you, I didnt succed doing that. So great that you are following Chris!👍❤

  8. Jocke berg from a group called kent wrote this song. In my opinion this song is amazing. But it's the only song from that band i can connect to. Usually the lyrics is only understandable for people high on something else. This song has been coverd by many over the years, chris did a great job with it. I'm proud to Swedish when it comes to music. This little country has delivered so many hit songs world wide.

  9. you should also react to another swedish Idol winner Jay Smith, he's cover of Madonna – like a prayer in the final

  10. The Swedes are just good at this types of shows lol. I mean there is a reason for why SVT in sense year after year has to help the host countries in Eurovision with the camera work and broadcastings. SVT has done that competition several times and manage it without many incidents. But the rest of Europe dont really like it, because Swedes gets lots of power. At least that is what some countries in Europe thinks and believes we help our selves. lol.

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