Crawling Of The Dead – Virtual Reality Rogue-like dungeon crawling – HTC VIVE Gameplay✅

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Hardcore rogue-like dungeon crawler in VR we all have been waiting for! Realistic swordplay like never before, crawling through procedurally generated dungeons filled with foul enemies, loot and hidden secrets! Crafting, leveling & hardcore gameplay. You will die….often. What are you waiting for?

Dungeon crawler with hardcore VR swordplay and dark atmosphere. Dungeon filled with brutal enemies & secrets is waiting for you. Pick up your sword & shield and try to uncover the secrets of that place. Use loot to craft better weapons and collect essence of the dead to level up.

“For how long I’ve been here? I almost forgot… focus… who am I? No! I don’t… I don’t wanna become… hollow… as… THEM! But… maybe… it’s already too late…”

Masterful swordplay done by people with more that a decade of sword training experience
Dark atmosphere with intriguing story
Procedurally generated dungeons
Crafting done right
Hardcore death mechanics
Loot, materials, upgrades and…
…soul crushing crawling, crawling and crawling…

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Computer specs:

H170 pro gaming mobo
Intel i7-6700 cpu
Kingston ddr4 fury 2400ghz 16 gb ram
Msi RTX 2080TI
Seidon watercooling cpu
C: 237GB
E: 2TB
F: 8TB
G: 2TB
H: 8TB


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4 thoughts on “Crawling Of The Dead – Virtual Reality Rogue-like dungeon crawling – HTC VIVE Gameplay✅”

  1. I just came here to try to figure out how to use potions. I made it like 4 floors down and it seems like now is a good time to figure out how to use them lol

  2. Best to have the torch out. I wouldn't leave it in my back pack, especially at first.
    Bought this game last night and enjoying it so far. So much potential and looking forward to seeing it grow.

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