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  1. Hey LearningEngineer, thanks for the great video. I am looking desperately for a solution. I want to create a Form in which you can fill out a page and if necessary you can dublicate this exaxt page by clicking on a command button. I am nearly succeeding in creating the right macros, but my problem is that this button won't stay on his place, because above of it I placed a
    "content control element" which contains for certain choices two written lines and pushes the button down, so he needs to be embedded and stay where he belongs, for gods sake!!! So I really do appreciate an answer from you. Best regards

  2. Any code handy to deal with check boxes in the input form? Here is the goal: If check box is true on input form, check a corresponding check box on the doc and set the values of a variable text box on the input form to a bookmark on the doc? Thanks!

  3. Super helpful video. Needed to make an "autofill" template for work and I literally didn't know where to start. You're amazing!

  4. Hello, I'm trying to make something for my group that will allow other people to use on their computer with a download. I want to create something that I could type into a form and it will go straight to the custom form itself, which I'm sure this tutorial should help. I'm just not sure if I would also be able to make an application/form on the computer that others are able to access that would show instead of me having to use Word as a main source to fill out the information.

  5. I must be doing something wrong, I have followed your steps and all seems to be working well as a document, but when I save it as a macros enabled template the document either doesnt populate or my form doesnt show up. Help?!

  6. I did everything, step by step. When I saved it and opened it back up and "enabled content", my text box did not pop up. What did I do wrong?

  7. I have one question about the bookmarks, after following the steps i realize that when the bookmarks filled with value it will disappear :(, meaning that document cannot be edited using the userform. Can you help me to figure it out?

  8. Excellent tutorial. I have a question: I want to create a user form with a list of names/addresses to auto fill the document… any recommendations?

  9. You can enter or change a page number anytime you want without disturbing the header data. Simply select "insert page number" "current position." this process will put your page number wherever the cursor is and leave the header data as you entered it. I used to think what you said was true…and it's hard to these little secrets.

  10. Hi Great video and it does work perfectly.
    I now have a question, do you know if I can restrict editing on a macro-enable template document? I'm trying to do it and Microsoft word 2016 is not allowing the function. Please I appreciate your response

  11. So I have a question. I used this option so i could enter information to auto populate into two different forms but i need to know is how can I make the text wrap in the text box of the user form. One of the Text boxes I made is for a narrative and it just continues on where i can't read everything I wrote.

  12. Wow thank you so much for this simple but effective video. It's what I needed to know to automate some documents that I deal with everyday. Bravo and much success to you for taking the time and sharing this with others. BTW the links to the code are coming back 404 codes but I copied the code off the screen so no big deal but if you could update the links, it would be a time saver for others.

  13. I have a large project that has been given to me and I think there must be a way to automate it. I have 230 outlines that need to be copied & pasted into a word template. Is there a way to automate the outline into a form and then populate the Word guide template using something similar here? I am not a VBA coder.

  14. Hi – great video. I too was confused by the code for the "Ok" button around minute 10:30. I am trying to use this video as a guide to create my own fillable form, so I need so more info re: the code. "I have a variable named studentName" – did you create that somehow? Or is it just the label of the first text box without spaces? Sorry if this is a rookie question!

  15. Hey! I've done this a few times and copied and pasted your code. When I open the new template, I get a "run time error 424" code.

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