Cricket 19 Review

Cricket 19 reviewed by Tristan Ogilvie on PlayStation 4. Also available on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Watch 40 Minutes of Cricket 19 Gameplay:

Watch the Cricket 19 trailer:

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34 thoughts on “Cricket 19 Review”

  1. I have few queries…plz help me out..I am playing the ashes and whenever I save the game, it doesn't seem to save on a different path..I mean its overwriting the only save it suppose to happen??..or you can create new save file?..the next thing I find weird is there's no lunch or tea break!..I don't know it's a glitch or not but it's really taking away the fun of the game..only you can find drinks break

  2. Hello plz can any one help me i have some issue in graphics… Wats the problem? During gameplay some graphics problem is there. Is any setting of gamma mistake or anything else?

  3. I like to see a game like Cricket Coach 2014 with a 3D match engine like this game because I like to play manager mode.

  4. Cricket is predictable game no matter how much hard work the players do since teams get win or defeat according to ethnic religion and race and due to this illogical reasons everything is predictable

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