Days Gone Review

Days Gone reviewed by Lucy O’Brien on PlayStation 4 Pro.

First 17 Minutes of Days Gone:

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47 thoughts on “Days Gone Review”

  1. There are so many fallacies in this review. In fact I didn’t even watch the review, I have a blindfold on. Plus the speakers are broken and it’s my little brother typing this comment with a broken keyboard.

  2. I'm never listening to an IGN review ever again I played this game for two months straight it addicting and has great story

  3. Dunkey: now how come I can talk trash on games but ign cant talk trash on any game. Well isnt it obvious. It's because ign is nitpicking and biased. I win bye bye, shut the website off

  4. Sorry, but I actually agree with the review. This game is garbage. Concept is great, but the mechanics and execution is horrible. Not to mention, if you already played games like RD2 then don’t even bother playing this. It makes this game 10 times worse then it already is.

  5. days gone was actually really enjoyable for the most part, at the start of the game there was this initial hiccup for me where I did want to stop playing, I admit. However once you get past that and find the upgrades the game gets infinitely better, the gun and stealth combat is definetly one of the most enjoyable things you will ever do in this game , somehow despite all those repetitive camp clear out missions I didn't once FEEL like they were repetitive at all because it was so fun and each camp had a personality of its own. The game does have probs yes. Tedious nero camps sometimes but still I was invested in them, maybe two less nero camps would have been perfect. The bike has probs, you will fall with the slightest touch at other objects and the game doesn't encourage exploring, the fuelling mechanic is cool sometimes but it doesnt encourage exploring or just driving off road somewhere for the hell of it, you always have to keep an eye out for fuel which can be a constant annoyance. The voice acting is not the best, deacon shouts randomly for no reason sometimes. The story however was fairly decent, not the most original story or zombies but still a fun ride.

  6. Game is great but it take me 2hours to understand the story line i've also faced glitch problem at starting when my game wasn't updated it takes me 2 days to update but after update game was working very smooth review on gaming is honest but you must have given 8/10 to the game.

  7. Just got the game a week ago. Was surprise how it scored at merely 7 on Metacritic. At least 8.5 or 9 for me. I loved it and will definitely get the Platinum.

  8. Love how PS fan boys were shoving this game in peoples faces pre release and then when it released they just shut up like it didnt exist cause its trash

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