Dragon Quest Builders 2 Review | (Nintendo Switch & PS4)

Dragon Quest Builders 2 refines the series formula, adding quality of life improvements to the gameplay. It combines the building of Minecraft with JRPG mechanics at its core for something special! Subscribe for more game reviews:

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18 thoughts on “Dragon Quest Builders 2 Review | (Nintendo Switch & PS4)”

  1. I read two different articles that said you can cross play this game with a friend online regardless of what gaming system you both have. My fiancé has the game on PS4 and I am considering getting it on Switch. But I want to see how to connect to cross play before I go out and buy my own copy of the game.

  2. Is it possible to play coop if I have a nintendo switch and my friend a ps4??
    Please if anyone know answer it would be really helpful thanks.

  3. is there a free mode to build anything you want with unlimited resources? I found the campaign to be a hassle finding what i needed

  4. I was gonna buy mua3 but as soon as I realised DQB2 was out I bought this instead and I have been absolutely hooked it’s a great game so much to do and create it’s almost to much to handle and this game is definitely best on switch just fits so well on the system and you can take it anywhere so that’s a huge plus

  5. Just out of curiosity, how bad are the random monster assaults on your town? It's been a while, but I vaguely remember being really annoyed that the first game had a system where monsters would periodically launch an attack on the town you've been building and destroy parts of it while you ran around picking them off. They never posed much of a threat, but it was really annoying knowing that the stuff I built could just be torn down by monsters at any time.

  6. Excellent review as always. I didn’t like the first game though – felt it was slow and boring. Any chance I’ll love this one?

  7. The game is kind of weird with the settings, as in it makes itself almost like a PC game with all the options, but how I have it set is that the frames only dip occasionally when a lot of stuff is going on + weather. So it really is a nice experience. The only problem I have with the game is that it might be a little TOO addictive!

    IGN didn't like the combat, compared to normal Dragon Quest games it is basic, but really it's just basically like playing a 2D Zelda or Gauntlet. If combat in those games don't bore you and you can find yourself even enjoying them you might like them because like those games there is more strategy than it looks, especially in that you have other party members this time that can distract the enemies while you set traps or attack them in the back. Different Enemy types have different attack patterns and strategies, as well as some stronger ones have multiple attack patterns and moves depending on how much HP they have. I honestly find the combat a lot of fun.

    On the building, creating roofs have a learning process to it… and sometimes you can fulfill quests before you get them, but other than that, this game is deadly addictive. They always find something new and distracting for you to do.

  8. Solid review, nice way to go thru all aspects of the game, will be very excited to get this game on the PS4 for the wife and I this Thanksgiving or Xmas to save 20$ or so. I am so glad they built and made even better on the gem that first game is.

  9. Dragon's Quest Builders 2 looks a little bit like Portal Knights, the Square Enix game that's a little bit like Minecraft 🙂

  10. Hey man long time fan and fellow content creator here, great review! Do you know how I could go about reaching out to Nintendo PR team for product and game reviews?

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