EA ACCESS ON PS4 REVIEW | Are we being ripped off again?

How to get EA Access on PS4! Full walkthrough of EA Access on Playstation 4 (PS4)
What is EA Access :
How much does EA Access cost :
What games are included in EA Access :
How to setup EA Access on PS4 :
How to install EA Access games :
Play Madden 20 Early :
How to turn off EA Access Auto renewal :

This video is a full walkthrough of EA Access on PS4 covering games available, pricing and how to setup on Playstation 4. How to play Madden 20 early!
How to play FIFA 20 early!
EA Access on UK PS Store :
EA Access on US PS Store :

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10 thoughts on “EA ACCESS ON PS4 REVIEW | Are we being ripped off again?”

  1. can i purchase directly through my psn wallet? or do i need a credit card? i'm talking about the month not the year sub

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