EA Access PS4 Review: Easily Exploitable or a Cash Cow for EA

EA Access finally dropped on PS4 over a week ago, after years of being available on Xbox One and PC. For PlayStation gamers, does EA Access make sense? Assuming you even want to play an EA game, what makes their subscription service so great? Amidst all the surprise mechanics and controversies surrounding the company, I give you my honest take on Access, and its current state on PS4. (Spoiler alert: Just subscribe for 1 month, play what you want, use the discount, and leave).

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26 thoughts on “EA Access PS4 Review: Easily Exploitable or a Cash Cow for EA”

  1. Just here to support the channel

    Cancelled my Origin Access because it's not cross platform

  2. This is a great service for people who play sport games yearly, majority of the people who buy the new madden game might come back to play an old one but the more likely option is that they play the newest one which is 60 every year. EA access allows you to play EA titles for 1 year for 30, half the price of the actual game

  3. This is worth it for me. I only want to play a select handful of games anyway. $5 for 5-6 games i only want to play? Fuck yeah

  4. Do not understand where fight night champion is on ps4!!!! Only reason i bought this on my PlayStation is cause i just assumed it had it 🙃

  5. Why on earth would anyone purchase this. All of their games can be bought for under £15 anyway. But then again, it’s EA. So why the hell would anyone buy any of their products and support them?

  6. This is very helpful! It could be a good service, if subscribing on EA Access with the intent of playing a lot of games (not for the discounts) for €5 is great.

  7. 30 bucks a year? Sounds too good to be true from EA… Where are the micro transactions for game pass?🤔🤔🤔

  8. It's honestly trash. Most of the games are sports and no one is going to play fifa 16, 17, or 18. Same with the Madden games, once a new one comes out there is literally no reason the play the older one anymore.

  9. I have done 1 month of ea access today. Just to try out fifa20 early acces in september because right now after the past fifa's I don't have any trust in Ea to buy fifa20. And some games are easy to finish the story mode in 10hrs time. For moments I'm getting bored.

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