37 thoughts on “Falconshield – Final Clash (Original Shen vs Zed song!)”

  1. I find the Zed'S FIGHTING style more of a shinobi than Shen. Zed was right the half of the time but made very bad decisions to become ruthless killer and Shen was right at some points but chose not to do anything about Ionia nor Jhin.

    yet as a person that supports neither, Shen obvioulsy won. ''But a shadow of the man that you once hoped to be.''

  2. -In lore shen,although being won by z3d 1 time,is like 50 times stronger.Zed is only strong in the "human" world while shen is so strong on the spiritual and the physicl world,that he just in the blink of an eye teleported into the spirit world just to come back seconds later with a dead spirit and moments after that kill the one responsible for the spirits appear.In order to have balance in the world, shen would even destroy the world and build it brick to brick.While on the other hand zed can just control some ancient technique to terrorize some people……

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