Fatima Louise sings "I'll Never Go" | Live Round | Idol Philippines 2019

Fatima Louise performs Erik Santos’ ”I’ll Never Go.”

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29 thoughts on “Fatima Louise sings "I'll Never Go" | Live Round | Idol Philippines 2019

  1. binary options for a living

    Vice///shouldnt have brought the comparison in public..at least for me this is the top 4 best performances that day…you just lost a goldmine.She deserves to be in the finals..Your mouth Vice is very influencial…

  2. justjulia

    Fatima is one of my bffs back in grade school and I am beyond proud of her. I know she'll keep singing. She won't stop reaching her dreams. Love you Fanachuuuuu!

  3. Marc Kenneth

    Her genre is a song with riffs and runs like her solo round perfomance of Feeling Good I salute her for not staying on her comfort zone and trying other genre. I hope she sang more song with her genre but she got eliminated after her performance "Kathang Isip". Her voice is more suitable in english songs

  4. Mark Arocha

    For me, tama ang sinabi ni Erik Santos na dinala niya sa ibang dimension.. siguro nga ang inexpect nila is yung it sounds like the original lng eh at least she has her originality.

  5. Cherrlyl Manoos

    It just so happened that I came across this performance, and have read the comments. I dont know her, but I think she nailed the song. With the emotion she put into it, doing different style making it her own rendition, the twist & curls of the song were almost perfect, except for a few pitchy part. Knowing that she is not a pro, but still took the risk, I believe she is one the best contenders in Idol Phil. If given the chance, i think she can become one of our best RnB singers in the country. 👍

  6. Mirriam Noueiri

    Eto ang pak n pak.. desrves to win!!!! Godbless and more career ehehhe… goal fr win🙏🏻❤️😇🙏🏻🙏🏻😱😱😱😱👏🏻👏🏻

  7. Ulysses Bayawa Dayanan

    Wrong choice of Judges. They even don't know how to sing by heart. This is so disappointing!


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