Games Like The Last Of Us (PC)

Heres another games like for you guys. This time were doing The Last of Us. These are games like The Last Of Us for PC. Hope you enjoy the video, please rate, comment, and subscribe 😀
I Am Alive 0:31
State of Decay 1:55
Metro Last Light 3:14
The Division 4:54
Outro Music:


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37 thoughts on “Games Like The Last Of Us (PC)”

  1. And there´s a game for people with a 4 gigas of ram, 128 video card. 2.44 ghz pc?, ´cause those games looks very hard to run ahahah

  2. Dose anyone remember the name of a game where the main character has some kind of spirit living with her(inside of her)?

  3. the last of us turned an exploding pc into the best gaming mistakes i have ever had. there is nothing remotely close to how amazing this game is on pc.

  4. I don't own a ps3 or ps4, I own a Pc and Xbox one, but can say non of these games on the list compare to what I have seen from the Last of us.

    Microsoft need to hire some seriously good story tellers to develop a competitor to this game.

    solution: buy a second hand ps3 and last of us from Game or Cex for less than £70/$85 combined. I say its worth getting a ps3 in 2018 just for this game and then try to find a few other exclusives on the cheap.

  5. I played 77 days of tlou factions, the game was perfect everything was balances and took skill. Easily one of my favorite online experiences and I dont think i need to explain how good the single player was.

  6. It's interesting how much I am Alive (a game rated 66 on PC, 75 on PS3 on Meta) looks like the Last of Us, given how mediocre it turned out. Metro: Last Light is so painfully linear. At least TLOU gives the impression that the story could take you in any direction, LL is more like a museum/gallery that you go through then when it opens up in the outside world, a realism mechanic (gas mask filters) limits your exploration of it… guh

  7. I can tell you guys, and anyone that has played The Last of Us can back me up, these games are not like The Last of Us. No game can be like The Last of Us. Beyond the fact that Ellie's not in any of these games, mechanically and story wise, world wise, they're different. You ain't getting any mushroom elephant people in this game.

  8. Hey man can you please send me the lincense key for the last of us, I really hate doing the surveys. I actually did the survey but it didn't work for me so please send me the key

  9. please tell me their is emulator to run last of us in my pc ……….
    i have best pc parts like i5,gtx970 but still i dont that game why sonyyyyyyyy

  10. Metro Last Light wipes the floor with TLoU. They're both linear but the environment of M:LL beats TLoU easily, also the zoology is way greater in M:LL than in TLoU, TLoU is overhyped.

  11. i'm so so so so so so HAPPY X3 i love the last of us and it's been a while reachear a game who's like my favorite game so thank u verry much

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