40 thoughts on “How to Get Adobe Flash Player on Any Android Device – UPDATED 2018”

  1. It doesn't work I'm trying to use it on a Samsung Galaxy S9 the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and a Amazon Fire 8 tablet will not work

  2. Btw do u know to fix problems related to adobe, uhm I cant download files such as videos in google chrome becuase there's something wrong, do u know how to fix it? Its really a big help

  3. This video says its updated 2018 but instructions are for android 4.4. We are now on android 7! Looks like Puffin is the only browser still offering integrated flash. I downloaded Puffin pro and flash works great.

  4. I advise lastest version if you have a problem run as administrator.Link for Setup, Already patched and working try https://yadi.sk/d/bd47R6Eo3KF8nD

  5. I have the puffin browser but the games is so lagy to the point you can't play , i didn't install flash player, if anyone knows a fix tell me please

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