How To Make A Logo For FREE! (WITHOUT PHOTOSHOP) Make A FREE Logo For YouTube [Free Logo Maker 2019]

Today I will be teaching you how to make a logo for FREE without using photoshop, and instead use the online free logo maker (Pixlr). This will be a logo tutorial teaching you how to create a youtube logo for free, using textures and various lighting effects to make the logo more professional. Saturation and contrast are both very important as well in making a logo for free using the free online logo maker, pixlr. I hope this tutorial will help you be able to make a logo for free without photoshop in 2019, if it does be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more content!


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35 thoughts on “How To Make A Logo For FREE! (WITHOUT PHOTOSHOP) Make A FREE Logo For YouTube [Free Logo Maker 2019]”

  1. Sorry for the lack of uploads! Instead of saying I will do better at uploading, I will show it through actions. #Havoc100K

  2. 7:28
    Is it possible to do that with multiple letters because I’m trying to do BLACKFAUNS for the text instead of just a B. Whenever I get out the wand tool to click on a letter for the second time (u said your meant to select the letter u want to change before doing the delete part.) the letter of the first name (for me it’s Blackfauns) just goes away and the only thing left is layer 4 with my static on it and then I have layer 3 and 0 which have nothing on it but my name layer is not there for some reason, pls help if u can

  3. You are a saint for us beginning youtubers man, if it weren't for you I wouldn't of been able to create my sick banner that I now have

  4. Hi I'm still having trouble getting the font. I'm using a chromebook, so maybe that's it, but I still also can't implement an image onto a letter. Please help?

  5. Hav0c i would like to thank you so much thanks to you i learn how to make my banner and profile pic after that I started my own YouTube channel. I love you so much thanks man keep up the awesome job 🙏🏼👌🏽🎬

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