How To use Keyboard + Mouse on PS4 + XBOX 1 | XIM APEX REVIEW

A honest review on the XIM APEX! I hope you all enjoyed my adventure to using keyboard and mouse for the first time for gaming. This was sick for me as I’m moving to PC soon. Looking forward to that setup and best setting tutorial for all the XIM users out there. Stay awesome my friends! If you enjoyed the video like and subscribe for more 🙂


insta: oleairbear
snap: thehuntedones
twitter: @oleairbear

All gameplay is recorded in 1080p 60fps

Equipment and Programs Used for Video Capture and Creation:
Capture – Elgato HD60S
Microphone – Audio Technica 2020
Microphone for Game Chat – Blue Yeti
Facecam – Logitech c922
Review Camera – Sony A7S DSLR
Gaming Monitor – ASUS VG278Q 27″
Computer – ASUS FX53VE-MS74
Headset – Astro A40 with Mixamp TR pro
Controller – Battle Beaver Customs
Video Editing – Adobe Premier CS6 and After Effects CS6
Thumbnails – Adobe Photoshop CS6
Console – Play Station 4 ( PS4 )



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30 thoughts on “How To use Keyboard + Mouse on PS4 + XBOX 1 | XIM APEX REVIEW”

  1. Using k&m on r6s isn't allowed because of the skill gap, but for people saying it's cheating… You can still counter a m&k player with s controller

  2. The reason I use MK is cause I have a illness in turn making me have to take meds that dull my reactions and people on console are just slower. A high tier ow player on ps4 is a low tier player on pc. So I use it to keep up. I been a pc gamer all my life till I got sick 5 years ago ive been using XIM since then. Its not like how people think. Alot more goes into it then plugging a keyboard and mouse in and wrecking face. Like you said a console player who hasnt gamed on pc would get wrecked even if they used the xim. Takes a while to get good with a mouse just like with a controller. And people who think they can just pick it up and win win win should and see how far they get.

  3. YO friend, I love your videos and professionalism. Cool youtuber. I have a question, I’m using xim apex with Logitech g13 game pad and Logitech g502 mouse but don’t know how to plug a headphone unit. Please advise me on how to do this thank you.

  4. what is cheaters first excuse for cheating 6.54 , if shroud or any other pro player would like to downgrade their fps and play with console players they won't be cheating like you do shit bags this can't take the shame of being called a cheater all the rest of their life

  5. How the fuck do you not have like a million subscribers! The knowledge, camera quality, audio is at par with a lot of the leading tech YouTubers man!

  6. i think they shouldn’t ban it. some people can’t afford thousand dollar pcs and they wanna play on k&m (like myself). ohh and like u said if you can’t beat em join em

  7. Way too expensive for what I prefer, I mean I spent 200 on my keyboard and mouse and it is £104.99 for the xim apex!?anyway it is probably good , but I won't be buying it

  8. I'm looking at this due to a medical condition. Using controllers severely hurts my hands due to the way my fingers are forced to wrap around the controller. M&K doesn't hurt me. It would suck if they banned this but I can see it happening if it gives a ridiculously unfair advantage. Still, I'd like it to stay an option for myself and other people with conditions.

  9. As much as I love using a mouse and keyboard, it is cheating against controller players, I use one for the purpose that I have high rank o
    In overwatch, siege, and fortnite where everyone is using mouse so you need one to compete

  10. It's a sellout by consoles. They're getting sales to gold and platinum PC players who want higher ranks on consoles simple as that.

  11. I have a question about the xim. You know how when you play apex on PS4, it will say the PS4 buttons in game, like triangle to change weapons or L1 + R1 for ultimate. When your on the xim, will it change those in game controls from PS4 buttons to my keybinds?

  12. This is cheating! I wish they could detect the xim input and put the lot of you in the same server so you can cheat with each other.

  13. It's only fair if MS and Sony officialy support K&M and if games have lobbies for controller and K&M players separately. Mixing both is just wrong. Saying you have to buy an unofficial device just to keep up with other people that have it on a game is not an acceptable argument.

  14. Over all this is a good setup but the main and biggest issue with this unit is, for example if you are playing Apex legends if you are trying to look at your inventory and or a death box it is very slow and your having to press three plus keys at the same time. Which is very time consuming in the middle of a match if your trying to get ammo fast.

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