37 thoughts on “How to use Wii U USB Helper? (Download Wii U games, updates and DLC)”

  1. If it doesn't work you can try a few things:

    1. Run as admin
    2. Reinstall (the version shown in the video)
    3. Do a manual install (check below)
    4. Do a clean install (check below)
    5. If you get any .dll or .NET errors, google "download .NET framework.

    ❗Manual install

    Step 1. Download the launcher: https://github.com/FailedShack/USBHelperLauncher/releases/latest
    Step 2. Download Wii U USB Helper: https://archive.org/download/WiiUUSBHelper/Wii%20U%20USB%20Helper%
    Step 3. Extract the helper, then the launcher in the same folder.
    Step 4. Run USBHelperLauncher.exe and follow the on-screen instructions. Make a shortcut of it on the desktop.

    ❗Clear install

    To clear your current install, you must follow these steps:
    Step 1. Look for the launcher's tray icon in the taskbar.
    Step 2. Right click it and go to Advanced -> Clear Install.
    Step 3. Wait until the progress bar finishes.

  2. i got the legend of zelda twilight princess but every time i try to load up the game it loads for a second then crashes (i also unpacked it)

  3. does anyone have any alternatives when it comes to mac becuase i homebrewed my wii u and im starting to feel like it is a huge waste of time.

  4. Pretty sure the part you sped up when selecting where to install your games is the exact same thing as choosing the "download" directory. In other words, you've done an unneeded step (by choosing a download location twice) and created a bit of confusion for first-timers.

  5. Need help. i got paper mario Color Splash and everything worked fine exept that i get the invalid Disc error 150 3032

  6. When I try to open USB helper it says there is an error and I've tried uninstalling and installing it manually it but still won't work.

  7. you can also right click the downloaded game and select prepare for emulation and then later add the game to your steam library if you're anything like me to create a central hub for games

  8. dude you really helped me out with your tutorials, you sound kind of shy but you are amazing, i subscribed and liked every video i watched, i hope you keep doing what you love

  9. I didnt know about unpacking! I was wondering where my rpx files were. It wasn't working. Thanks this video really helped me!

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