49 thoughts on “Is Park Bo Young Really Not Wearing Any Makeup?[Running Man Ep 441]”

  1. Idk why Korean people prefer the tall women
    But i think Park Bo Young is the cutest Korean actress , i think the tall women are like mannish , because women should be small and thin not like a basketball players 😂
    Edit : im tall but it’s ok because I’m male

  2. The awkward moment wen you thought bo young is so small and then you googled her height and realized shes the same height as you 😦.

  3. Park bo young is the reason why I started to like kdramas. I started to like her from 'Oh My Ghost' and 'Hot Young Bloods'. I really love this actress

  4. I remember watching Scandal Makers movie she was so young and still is today. Every year she gets more and more beautiful.

  5. there’s at least 10 years difference between park bo young and song ji hyo but jihyo doesnt look a day older than 20 omggg she looks the same age as pby

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