Is the ASTRO C40 TR The Best PS4 Controller? | Honest Review

Although there are so many things I like and appreciate about the new Astro c40 TR Controller I have to call it like it is. There are simply better ways to spend $200 on an elite controller.

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snap: thehuntedones
twitter: @biggerbullet

All gameplay is recorded in 1080p 60fps or 720p 60fps.

Equipment and Programs Used for Video Capture and Creation:
Capture – Elgato HD60S
Microphone – Audio Technica 2020
Microphone for Game Chat – Blue Yeti
Facecam – Logitech c922
Review Camera – Sony A7S DSLR
Gaming Monitor – ASUS VG278Q 27″
Computer – ASUS FX53VE-MS74
Headset – Astro A40 with Mixamp TR pro
Controller – Scuf and AIM custom controllers
Video Editing – Adobe Premier CS6 and After Effects CS6
Thumbnails – Adobe Photoshop CS6
Console – Play Station 4 ( PS4 )



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21 thoughts on “Is the ASTRO C40 TR The Best PS4 Controller? | Honest Review”

  1. There's a USB dongle because the controller is made by Astro, not made by Sony. Also, the controller connects via infrared, not Bluetooth like the other PS controllers

  2. You can't turn on the console because the controller needs to be bluetooth for that feature. USB isn't listening for a wake command. My theory anyways.

  3. I have a zero impoot so seems great to me I think they are more worried about placement and comfortablebility than having four

  4. This is a BAD controller I have owned three of them and they all had thumb sticks that went bad. Unreliable product…..PLEASE DONT BUY

  5. Controller does not support bluetooth. PS4 does not support 2.4ghz. The dingle is so the controller can be wireless over the 2.4ghz spectrum which is faster and lower latency then bluetooth.

  6. if stick tension is a deal breaker for you then you have no sorry but experienced fps players dont care about that…but at the same time this controller was built for everyone

  7. I know I'm a little late to this, but that's cause I'm late to owning this controller. I still think there are a couple points that are relevant. First, one of your cons was only two underside buttons as opposed to many other four button designs. If you're used to four buttons, I can certainly respect that as a major draw back, but you have to remember this controller will also be many people's first foray into ANY elite controller. Like myself, they've never had underside buttons of any type. Those two perspectives 1) coming from four underside buttons, or 2) stock PS4 dualshock, change the recommendation a lot in my opinion. That's one big con off the list if you've never purchased any elite controller. Another, the stick tension honestly with the lack of experience in third party controllers I have, I never even thought or knew was a thing. There's is slightly more tension on the Dualshock, but not much and I'm not sure I would give up the things I like about this controller to get more tension. This controller is far superior to at least one other I tried, the Scuff Vantage. I bought and used that one for about 8 hours and had to return it. The two controllers cost the same and you simply get more and better quality for the money with Astro C40.

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