Kill La Kill The Game: IF – A Simple Review (playstation 4 1080p 60FPS)

Kill La Kill, An awesome anime but how does it do as a game? my Review for the upcoming Kill La Kill The Game: IF played on a Playstation 4. The game releases on Steam on July 25th and For PS4 and Switch on July 26th
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4 thoughts on “Kill La Kill The Game: IF – A Simple Review (playstation 4 1080p 60FPS)”

  1. Arc Systems have put ALOT of restrictions in there embargo vastly limiting what i can show and talk about in my review and while i still skirt the edges of this i do still need to stay on the safe side of the line. as such im limited in what i can both show and how indepth i can talk regarding quiet alot of aspects for the game and so for now this is just a "simple" review where i go over the basic elements of the game. Like all reviews though you shouldnt just take my word for it. read and watch other reviews aswell to get a general grasp of everything.

    There will be a more indepth review AFTER the embargo lifts i break everything down to its base and go over everything with a fine tooth comb for you guys, including video footage of all the negatives/issues i talk about in this video. With regards to how indepth the next one is going to be… well im editing it right now and its already over 20 minutes with quiet abit still to go.

  2. Only tried the demo version, and all I can really say about the fighting was that it was clunky and slow. You were right about there not being a good variety of combos and string combos, and this really was a letdown. The graphics were a turn-off and the balance between characters was pretty wack. If anything, online would just be hell, and I doubt any hardcore fighting game fans will really look in depth at this game.

  3. Are you sure with this review? there's a lot of issues with it clearly you're not good with fighting games the way you reviewed the combat system was kinda bad its as if you're a button masher the combat system is far more indepth than just hitting one button also the bloody valor system is extremely important it can turn the tables with a match i'd say your review is best for non fighting game players you didn't even make use of it properly like how the developers wants you to play it don't get me wrong i completely agree with the story mode side of things also the problems with the hit box in one of the mode but that's because you're fighting 100 enemies at ones but in actual 1v1 fights the hit box is alright if i were you i'd take down the video and reupload a new review go through with the game again check if you made mistakes because you clearly did or else hardcore fighting game fans will barrage your dislike button.

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