Making Of Paper Ganesha Idol | Ganesh Murti Making At Home 2019 | Mumbai Ganesh Utsav 2019

Making Of Paper Ganesha Idol | Ganesh Murti Making At Home 2019 | Mumbai Ganesh Utsav 2019

Artist – Omkar Gaikwad ( Infinity Arts )

Indian United Mills, Opposite One Avighna Park Main Gate, Lalbaug, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Paper mache Ganesh idols are another eco-friendly alternative to be opted for, after Shaadu Idols. Paper mache idols are prepared by crushing paper and using a specific technique to give hardness and a desired shape.

Then a whiteink powder is used to give an even white coat to the idols surface. After that, eco-friendly colours, which do not harm marine ecosystem are applied to give life to the idol. Organizations like Aniruddha Upasana trust use colours which are manufactured by Pidilite company. The only artificial substance in such a kind of idol is whiteink powder.

In an experiment to see the result of immersion of such an idol, it became soggy rather quickly once placed in the water tank and lost structural strength to stay upright within an hour. In the next three hours all the paper layers and pulp sank to the bottom and created a layered pile. All the painting on the idol was retained by the layers in the pile and the pile remained intact for two weeks in the quiet waters of the experimental tank. Later on, the mass disintegrates a bit.

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  3. hi u should visit in girgaum ,Mumbai at Mr. Ashok wadekar, he also makes paper mash Ganpati
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