Medal of Honor: Vanguard for PlayStation 2 Video Review

Gaming Pastime reviews Medal of Honor: Vanguard for PlayStation 2.

Developed and published by EA, Medal of Honor: Vanguard was released for PlayStation 2 in March, 2007. Vanguard isn’t a bad game but it could have been a lot better.

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32 thoughts on “Medal of Honor: Vanguard for PlayStation 2 Video Review”

  1. This game is absolute trash. How can Call of Duty 4, Half-life 2, and Crysis released in the same year? This game looks like it was made in 2002.

  2. Just an update, but thanks to you & your well crafted reviews on "Medal of Honor Vanguard" & "Cold Winter" I just finally obtained ultra clean & complete copies of both games for my PS2 collection, thanks again my friend! :^)

  3. Vanguard felt like the a last minute throw together game to play as the "last gen" version of Airborne. According to a few sites EA initially wanted Airborne on both current and next gen consoles but gave up early on on the former so they threw this together from assets of the previous two games along with the air drop mechanic and upgrades from Airborne and called it a day

  4. Man I never knew that receiving Medals earns you any Special In Game Bonuses at all despite the fact that Id always make sure to earn all of them upon each Playthrough,Btw did you knew that you can remove the Sniper Upgrade from M1 Garand by pressing Up and Down on the D-Pad aswell as cook a grenade by pressing the X Button?Try it the next time you play it 🙂

    Other than that,Its a great review just like any other!

  5. Despite the fuzzy environments from the distance, I am impressed how good this game looks on ps2. Does this game support progressive scan?

  6. Say what you want about how unoriginal "Call of Duty" is. At least its never as shoddy or unpolished as some of the shovelware we got from "Medal of Honor".

  7. EA pumped out too many MOH games too quickly and killed the franchise. That and the modern games weren't well received. I do miss the series, though

  8. Just like what I said about the first Heroes , this game feels more like a watered-down expansion than a full game. I agree with you. This game could have benefited from more development time.

  9. A well thought out & detailed review my friend! I completely forgot about this "MOH" game, adding to my PS2 buy-list, thank you.

  10. This was my first MoH i ever played. Yep i like it! Of course i would stick European Assault and Underground(this is my favorite so far). But this one is…Solid! Of course i wish to play Airborne at the time but my console was a SNES and PS2, so yeah

    By the way…Operation Vastity – Mission 2 likes to rape you with lots and lots of snipers…..and i hated it

  11. I thought vanguard was amazing, even though it got the bad end of the rep. It was the first on the consoles to introduce real-time physics, shadows and more. It was the first to remove hitscan and also added in tactical reloads. It also featured an in-depth cover and lean system where you could judge how much you leaned at once, something I wish was even in new games like Pubg even. It was offline multiplayer and everything. I believe they focused on pushing the aging engine of the PS2 far more than they did the gameplay but in my eyes it stood up amazingly. I guess maybe because I didn't have a 360 back then 😛 Thank you for the review mate, I love your channel.

  12. I played Vanguard on PS2 before Airborne due to lacking a current-gen console or a capable PC at the time. Really enjoyed it despite it not being too remarkable. At the time the inclusion of ragdolls was something I wasn't used to seeing on the PS2, and it looked visually nice on a technical level despite not having an impressive color palette/art direction.

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