49 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.11.1 | NEW! Combat Upgrade, Sweeping Edge Enchant, Firework Boost”

  1. Dude… if u make fireworks without special effects like colors and twinkles you won't take any damage at all when using it… lmao u noob

  2. That's some serious Goblin engineering logic there:
    Why would we design an entertainment rocket that doesn't explode at the end of its flight?
    Why would we design a flying rocket when we already have entertainment rockets?

  3. You know you can just use Rockets instead of fireworks and they don't explode at the end of the flight. That means no damage.

  4. The Sweeping Edge Enchant Increases the attack and width of the sweeping sword attack mot just the attack

  5. 4:50 no it's not probably but definetly! and also not level IV but the max level for any enchantment with commands is level 32676

  6. you can make fire works from just gun powder and paper. one gun powder = small charge. 2. medium charge. 3. long charge. its hurting you because you put a fire work star in with it. 🙂

  7. There should be more than just nuggets that come out of the furnaces. I had this thought of smelting tools and armor. I'd be nice if there were more.

  8. The Crazy Command You asked for is here /give @p diamond_sword 1 0 {ench:[{id:22,lvl:90}]} It gives Sweeping Edge 90 !!! Btw I made this and btw The lvl:90 = The level So You can mess around with it and The {ench:[{id:22 Is The Id And The Enchant so ill Show You The Command I Made for u So You will do /give ThnxCya diamond_Sword 1 0 {ench:[{id:22,lvl:90}]} You Can Change the level Of the enchant by the lvl:90}]]

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