34 thoughts on “Minecraft Animation : TEAM CRAFTED IS HERE!”

  1. It’s December 2019 right now, sky’s Minecraft cops and robbers videos are popping up in people’s recomended, I watched one and started thinking about my past favorite youtubers. I stoped watching them a long time ago and barely remembered anything, but then I saw the team crafted video, and suddenly remembered my all time favorite youtubers. But I also saw more videos talking about team craft Ed’s break up, which I had never heard about. I bet It was hard to find out about this 6 years ago but finding out about it now, way worse. Deadlox is making cringey clickbait, sky is going down in subs fast, and some of my favorite youtubers stopped posting, it seems like only sundee is still doing good, I miss what they used to be like.
    I miss team crafted

  2. I’m really sad in what ssundee became he was good and not cringy before fortnite but he wanted money and subs and people will say he was burned out from Minecraft and actually liked fortnite well no what are the chances he plays Minecraft when it starts to become popular again it’s not a coincidence

  3. literally the nostalgia that comes with this video and team crafted in general.. holy crap
    i remember in like 3rd grade at recess me and my friends would all assign eachother team crafted members
    i was always ALWAYS deadlox omg those were the good ol’ days
    now i’m almost a sophmore and i’m missing those times

  4. Man I used to be in first grade when I watched things like this. From mods to scary movies in Minecraft. I'm in 8th grade and I'm getting nostalgia

  5. God I remember this video when it launched, I RAN to my laptop just to watch it… I miss them, my childhood was bearable because of them.

  6. TeamCraft man me have so many great memories in my childhood i wish the group was still together bc they were the best,they were the #1 group back then when minecraft first started,whoever watch theses guys back then were og's and i respect you

  7. I remember watching this in 6th grade, now I’m getting ready for college. Minecraft was my childhood will always be and this group was amazing!!

  8. I can't believe I was 6 when this came out, thanks for making my childhood legendary. And to anyone who reads this, our childhood was amazing wasn't it? Now we have ninja-

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