Minecraft UHC but you're STUCK in the SKY…

ayo it is extreme
Thanks for Watching! 😀 I appreciate all feedback and support :L!

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[IP: tapple.world]

In-Game Name: TapL

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Screen Recorder → OBS Studio

Editing Software → VEGAS Pro 14

Nguồn: https://ultra-dark-radio.com/

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26 thoughts on “Minecraft UHC but you're STUCK in the SKY…”

  1. Uhc but everyone’s inventories are shared
    Uhc but everyone has two lives
    Uhc but everyone has a bedrock trail following them

  2. I mathed out how many swords u need for a lvl 5 sharpness sword, and its actually quite easy.
    Just multiply the number of swords by two when going up a sharpness level. Like this:
    Swords Levels
    2 =2
    2×2=4 = 3

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