NEVER AGAIN !!! Eyebrow Lifting With Plasma Pen Fibroblast Dermapen Treatment


I got a Plasma Pen Treatment done.

I could not see any results that’s why i would not repeat this treatment again, some people say you have to repeat it to see any results but my mom did it three times and she saw no results.

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11 thoughts on “NEVER AGAIN !!! Eyebrow Lifting With Plasma Pen Fibroblast Dermapen Treatment”

  1. Hey, agree with comments below. You look great. I just wanted to point out that it hasnt been done properly hence you havent seen a results. She haven't used enough power and the dot placement or intensity wasn't great. If you were in the uk I would be glad to show you what results you can get when done properly. Sending love

  2. the reason you didnt have good results is because of her technique! she clearly doesnt know how sublimation works with the plasma pens. Ive had great lip flips and eyebrows raised because I know how to properly place dots! Do not let this one experience deter you from it again in future please because Ive changed peoples lives doing fibroblasting and Im obsessed!

  3. You are so handsome and you look refreshed to me! But i do understand how it is! We can always look better! Thanks for the review though because I was curious about this treatment

  4. You don’t need that sweetheart … sometimes it’s best to leave stuff alone on our bodies …. when we try to alter stuff sometimes it can make things worse , not better 😊 … Mother Nature is stronger than us 🦋

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