4 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky BEYOND v2.11 on PSVR (base PS4)”

  1. My point of view its simply like real eyes, well at least for me. For example, when at a optician they present you with letters on a board. From a distance, depending on your eye sight strength, they can look blurred but as you get closer they become clearer and sharper. That's my take it on it anyhow 😁

  2. I think that what you are seeing on the game is a form of Foaveted Rendering, just like some games on the Oculus Quest. Is a form of optimizing VR performance for games: https://uploadvr.com/foveated-rendering-matters/ . You see things clear on the center (where your eyes are focused), but the periferal view is rendered at lower resolution.

    (This is from: https://uploadvr.com/oculus-quest-review/)

    Fixed Foveated Rendering

    Foveated rendering is a promising avenue for the future of VR. It’s a technique in which a headset only fully renders a certain part of its display, taking some of the pressure off of processing. Ideally, it would be paired with eye-tracking, allowing the device to see where you’re looking. Like Oculus Go, though, Quest uses fixed foveated rendering. There’s no eye-tracking, so the headset instead simply blurs the edges of the screen in hopes you won’t realize.

    Unlike Go, though, I noticed the foveated rendering far more in Quest. Or, rather, I noticed it far more in some Quest apps. In some games like Beat Saberit isn’t perceptible. Again, though, Creed was the giveaway. In the game’s opening training montage I couldn’t help but point my eyes down and see two blurs for feet running on a treadmill. Tilting my head up over text to move it into the foveated area revealed the scale and size of the effect. It renders fully right in the center and gets increasingly blurrier as you move closer to the edges of the display. You can see the effect in these images captured directly from the headset.

    I’ve found the technique to range from incredibly distracting to occasionally noticeable. Creed is the main offender, yes, but it also caught my eye in games like Journey of the Gods and Apex Construct. It’s a necessary evil to get some of PC VR’s bigger games onto the headset but problematic all the same.

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