Oculus Quest review: VR freedom comes at a cost

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If the Oculus Go was an appetizer for truly wireless VR, which is entirely self-contained and doesn’t rely on a PC, the Quest is closer to a main course. It’s not as immersive as desktop virtual reality, but it’s currently the easiest way to show off the potential of this new medium. You don’t have to set up any sensors — just throw on the headset, pick up the motion controllers, and you can jump into a complex virtual world anywhere.

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35 thoughts on “Oculus Quest review: VR freedom comes at a cost”

  1. Just curious where you bought them. Beqouse in my country the oculus quest 64 gun is €449, and the 120gb €549. Would be helpfull if somebody told me that😅

  2. The title of this review comes across as overly negative considering the review itself. The title makes it sound like they gave up something fundamental in achieving un-tethered VR but your experience seems to suggest that they actually kind of nailed it. And $399 when you don't need a pc will be the absolute cheapest way to get into VR for anyone who doesn't already have a powerful gaming pc. Basically it's the only VR that does what it does at this point, right?

  3. then red matter comes out and makes the reviewer look a complete idiot…. given red matter game creator states "its not the best the quest can do"…. makes the reviewer look an even bigger idiot

  4. I wish I had one, it’s my dream to have one and I wish someone gave me one for free. I know it sounds insane but some people are so nice that they give away free virtual reality and I wish this video will give me one but you’ll probably or definitely will not give me one but if your nice enough, please give me one, Thank you by: Abner Jr Arguilla

  5. its about the experience not the best graphics…. and untethered FAR outweighs graphical drops…. its ridiculously more immersive

  6. No mention if the Vive and it's worries capabilities…. Okay. It looks cool, wouldn't mind getting one when it has a snapdragon 855.

  7. The new Riftcat update include the support for Oculus Quest. So you now can turn your Quest into a plug in VR headset and enjoy the PC VR game. I hope in the future, the new Oculus VR headset will combine the Quest and Rift in a single headset, which mean you can connect to PC and enjoy PC VR game, while also can go stand alone and enjoy the less demanding VR game.

  8. If you literally move(walk) in the room, do you move inside the games too? Or do you stay still, until you press the move button? :/
    If it's the latter, then it's retarded, and the tracking sensors are useless! :(((((((

  9. Do not buy the Quest from Oculus directly. My controller was defective and the best they could do was sending me a refurbished controller.

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