26 thoughts on “PES 2019 (PC) Manchester United vs Barcelona | UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE QUARTER FINAL | 10/4/2019”

  1. 2nd Leg: https://youtu.be/TsxyfmEb3-Y

    Download New Kits for Manchester United & Barcelona. Link in the Description: https://youtu.be/EfhHh4XEL0Y

    If you want to install this mod and option file goto: https://www.evo-web.co.uk/threads/evoswitcher-v4-0-aio-v4-1-update-released-links-at-the-bottom-of-post-1.79426/

    There are instructions on how to install at the link above.

    For the option File goto: https://www.pesuniverse.com/

  2. selam azerbaycadan men kanputerde pes 2017 yuxarini oynuya bilmirem ram 4 bende nasil aca bilirim pes 2019 xayis komek edin man united 1

  3. I knew they were going to concede that goal just because they didn't put someone on the line. 😂

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