Plasma Overload build!!! Star Trek Online

Finally, I have a keeper in the plasma build arena 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Plasma Overload build!!! Star Trek Online”

  1. sucks I tried to use beam overload build on my main….Isnt working that great. I have a dual beam bank altamid plasma build on my rom…..He now out DPSs my main -_-

  2. I absolutely love beam overload and have been trying to improve my DPS while still enjoying my play style. Currently trying to figure out a way to save up to get the Xindi-Primate ship and the NX Escort for the traits. I am glad to found someone that has used them and to great success!

    I am curious on how your critical chance is at 36.6%. Consoles show about 4.8%, deflector 4%, Disco trait 5.6% and Romulan trait 5%, 4% from weapon specialization… for about 23.4%. I suppose you probably have all 15 crit chance space endeavor for another 7.5 for a total of 30.9. None of your space sets seem to offer any extra.

    Am I missing a place where one can easily get another 5-6% crit chance? I'm barely on par with your crit chance and I have 4 vulnerability locators! (I been considering moving to exploiters when marks/dilithium/upgrades allow).

    Thanks for the video! Very helpful and lets me know that overall I am on the right track for my goals!

  3. Great video man.

    But as a side note, I am so sorry I haven't caught any for the last few weeks. For some reason, your channel wasn't emailing me new vids, and it wasn't showing up in subscribed. I double checked, and yep, I was still subscribed, and have been for a long time.

    I think the last vid I saw , that was sent to me, was the Experimental Science vid from almost a month or two ago. Time to play catch up, but you might ask Google to double check to see if notifications are going out.

  4. Nice vid wolf.. I would like to make a suggestion for a future vid if you get the time. Do a vid with all the different type starship traits, what they do,where they come from, and which one's are the ones to have so to speak. I realize this kinda vid would be really Time consuming, but it would be a great reference tool for in game.

  5. I have been off-and-on as a casual. Did some upgrades recently, but looking for a high DPS dual heavy cannon escort build. I don't think I will ever get super-serious, but it is nice to know there are people pushing the game.

  6. Im going a % damage torpedo build. I have a lot of 2 set bonus that give me anything that helps out with torpedo/ Projectile damage i need one more item from the lobi store 2 part Tetryon got the torp for it.. just getting that so i get 25% torpedo damage. Soo far i got alot % damage. And lunch out every 2-3 doff buffs and space traits. Its pretty fun. Looking to get the kdf fleet b'rel bird of pray. That i believe would be perfect set up.. if not then idk.
    But, its fun watching single targets melt.

    Also my aft is cutting beam. And Polaron beam works pretty good 🙂

  7. I am confused tho. Scatter volley is for cannons and you use it on a beam boat? Whats up with that? At least i can now seriously consider plasma once again:)

  8. Is it even possible for the Altamid Plasma weapon proc to stack with the proc you're getting off the Advanced Omni? Because it will proc all the time, if it can't stack then there's no point in having the rest as Altamid Plasma, perhaps instead going for Corrosive because it probably could stack with the -15 from the Omni.

  9. I can't remember if you said this in the intel report but would you say of this set, but would you say it's a 'get the three piece or not at all' sort of set? I'm looking at the 2-piece and it feels very underwhelming.

  10. Thank you for doing this one! I'm looking for ideas on my fed Romulan plasma builds, and this definitely is a good starting point. Nicely put together!

  11. I want a chronal plasma set and a cryoplasma set dangit. to this day i feel we were shafted when we didn't get a chronalplasma set from one of the nakhul missions.

  12. The Prototype Ablative Jevonite Hardpoints only dose +100 to Starship hull. How did it boot his Attack Acc/Crit Cha/Crit Sev ?

  13. Looks to be an updated Romulan-Federation style, which I love. 😀

    Also, did that Odyssey have the Kelvin vanity shield? Definitely going to use this build on my Kelvin Connie.

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