PlayStation 5 Details Have Arrived | My Thoughts & Review

The PlayStation 5 has OFFICIALLY been announced with a release date estimate as well as hopes to rethink the controller that we all know and use! Certain games have been used as a measuring stick to imagine what this new console will achieve in terms of faster load times and energy consumption and so much more! Check out the news here and don’t forget to hit that SUBSCRIBE button! And share this video with a friend!
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2 thoughts on “PlayStation 5 Details Have Arrived | My Thoughts & Review”

  1. I'm hyped as fuck. Day1 just like I am every time, I don't pull out of anything!

    The haptic feedback in the triggers sound absolutely awesome and I feel Sony will be on point with this console. They know it's their bread winner, and will defend it like their lives depended on it (which, in a big way, it is)

  2. I'm excited for how much improvement the specs and power the PlayStation 5 will bring! Let me know what you're excited about!

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