PlayStation Merch from Primark Review | Prudent Gaming

PlayStation Merch from Primark Review | Prudent Gaming

PlayStation and Primark recently teamed up to bring a range of PlayStation themed clothes. I have to say that I’m impressed with what I saw and they proved to be popular because I wasn’t able to get the jumper I really wanted. Still, I’m happy with what I did get.

This was just a small review of the quality of the PlayStation items I picked up and I’m pretty impressed. Let me know in the comments if you picked up any of the merch from Primark.


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8 thoughts on “PlayStation Merch from Primark Review | Prudent Gaming”

  1. Great video buddy I have a black PlayStation t-shirt which has the 4 symbols from the controller on the front, and yes it does say PlayStation in Japanese. I’ve dropped a like too buddy!

  2. Great video, Michael! lol I loved when you magically changed into the shirt. That was such a crazy smooth transition! 🤯 That hoodie looks super cool and comfy! I have some nerdy shirts, mostly doctor who. I’ve been wanting to get some more subtle nerd clothing, such as a patterned shirt or dress that you don’t even notice is nerdy until you look closer. 😁🤓

  3. Great!!! im down to primark then at lunch lol but your right after a wash see how they fair lol
    minimal is the way for me.
    Come on Nintendo please be the next one.
    wait there it is!!!!!lol
    good shout on the socks!!!and the hummed theme tune!

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