Playstation Plus Free Games for June – Daily Fix

Death Stranding gets a release date, EA spills the beans on it’s EA Play schedule, and Sony shares the PS Plus games for next month.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters Review:

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32 thoughts on “Playstation Plus Free Games for June – Daily Fix”

  1. Was actually looking to buy Handsome Jack this month. Glad I didn't
    Would Max get more views if he wore a low cut dress, long-haired wig and shouted “roll the thing”?
    But I already own these two games 🙃

  2. Sony should know everyone has or had owned boarderlands by now, this is embarrassing Sony give us something that was launched this year ffs.

  3. I have the Handsome Collection on my laptop and bought it for less than $4 when it was on sale on Steam with a huge discount. Might as well get it on my PS4

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