PowerPoint Slide Master tutorial – Placeholders and Basics ✔

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With this tutorial I would like to answer the most burning questions about the PowerPoint Slide Master / Master Slide view. I will showcase how to add layouts, how to edit the current layouts, how to operate and add (or delete) placeholders for content or pictures. We will also talk how to shoot firebolts out of your fingers and when master slides (or rather layouts) are useful and when not.

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26 thoughts on “PowerPoint Slide Master tutorial – Placeholders and Basics ✔”

  1. I am so glad I found this video!! Thank you! I needed this basic knowledge of Master Slides. You are a life saver. Thanks!

  2. Hi, how do I gray out buttons that I have already clicked? Like for example, I have a slide master with a menu with buttons for navigation to all lessons in the course. Learners can display the menu on the screen from any point in the course and move to a new lesson.

    I want a button to appear grayed out if a lesson has been visited. Appreciate your help!!

  3. When you are not into the Master view mode, placeholders appear with a dashed outline and the title of the placeholder. Both automatically disappear when you start writing down the content in it. How can we manage to have a background color that disappear automatically when you start writing down something ? I am creating a template and I want placeholders to have a blue background to emphasize where you should write down something. But I want the background to become transparent as you write something down in the placeholder. Anyone can help?

  4. 1 question.

    Say I design master slides, and I want it to be filled with my co-worker how can I prevent him to modify or accidentally alter the template that i have created? is there any way it can be locked? but enable the user to fill in what is required?

  5. I really understand this than my college professor who spent one hour to teach this to us and I'm still confused, but thank u for ur vid it helps a lot

  6. Hi Thanks for useful trick. Do You kow how to save custom slides as default and re open them in new / blank presentation?

  7. Hi there,
    Your class is amazing, I have really apprecciated for this. Thanks a lot. You got a fan from Brazil.

  8. You are such a good friendly person. Your explanation are more than a professor level. I can understand you very well and because of you I discover a new hobby. I need more from your videos. I watched almost all your PowerPoint videos on Ud… the money worth it.
    I’m would be very satisfied and happy if you can show me more slides of your work.

  9. Very helpful – THANKS! Is there a way to do the same but to an OBJECT which you want to be on TOP of all graphics/backgrounds? Lets say i want LOGO to appear all slides in the same place on top of anything i do and place on that slide?

  10. Thank you so much for this video . I like your quiet and perfect diction. I’m french and i can understand you really easily. It’s a miracle !

  11. Finally! This is the level of PowerPoint design I need. Your tutorials are amazing and finally I can fully get a grasp on the use of Master Slides. I'll be subscribing now!

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