Project Ozone 3 Kappa Mode – SPECTRE ECTOPLASM TREE [E40] (Modded Minecraft Sky Block)

In today’s episode we’re going to look at collecting ectoplasm so we can look at making wireless power! This will also require us to revisit the Erebus for jade and start into Botania! We’ll also look at a better way to generate power at least for now! Lots of things to do this episode.



Closed beta, not available to download
Project Ozone 3 – Garden of Glass – Kappa Mode

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41 thoughts on “Project Ozone 3 Kappa Mode – SPECTRE ECTOPLASM TREE [E40] (Modded Minecraft Sky Block)”

  1. the 3rd botania flower i ever make is the jaded "thing" to make all the flowers i need…..i hate mystical agi and try to avoid it as much as possible

  2. you can try to make a test world if you don't know something. for example, how much power the diesel generator generates electricity

  3. 1. Clear a few trees and use some grass area for botanica
    2. Please make a sink for your main base. The amount of time you spend running down to get water…….

  4. solar is by far the easiest, the second line ones are really cheap too, tho they "only" go up to 600rf/t, the first line is more expensive but its not that hard to get at least t7 ones

  5. Please, stop putting things downstairs. You built this awesome place so use it, even temporarily and get rid of this cobble platform

  6. Just an FYI… There is an augment that can go in energetic infuser to give you wireless power… Not sure if it will go through different dimensions though.

  7. if my memory serves me correctly, the botania flowers can be created by planting the petals on grass, then bonemealing them (or just letting them grow). it may be disabled, but worth checking out. also worth checking out are the black lotuses, the bags may have given you some already, just throw a bunch of them in a mana pool that's not completely empty, and they'll give a fair amount of mana

  8. You can right click the pedals on dirt and bonemeal that and use sheers to collect them to get extra flowers for pedals

  9. You'll want to use the augment for the energetic infuser that lets it charge items as fast as it receives energy.
    There's also an augment for it that allows it to use energy and liquid experience to repair items that might be interesting to you.

  10. Hey Hypno, u can use the tinker’s auto smelt to get more landia ingots for mystical agriculture, u need a lot of it later on

  11. Hey hypno there were Mana infused ingots in lootchests in Twilight forest ( 80% sure in those hollow hills ) or void craft fortresses / abbysal lootchests. Im sure there was some because i was mad when you didn't loot it.
    Check for Black lotus maybe you have them or use the OP lootbags. so you dont need to wait for them.
    Well i guess we can count magma cruicible as Green energy :).
    Keep up with the vids. Like them alot.

    Ps. ever considerd opening an discord channel ?

  12. Hey hypno! just wanted to let you know that using a lot of translocators can cause a lot of lag as they have an entity animation to their transfer, at this point the ender IO conduits are much less expensive and don't cause as much lag!

  13. is there a planned release date of kappa mode or will it be released based on your progress being used as a balance scale for the mode?

  14. I just wanted to let you know that if you want to run the diesel generator all the time you'll probably need 6 to 9 garden cloches

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