Puertorock77 Live: Microsoft E3 2019 Post Review and Perspective From A Playstation Fan.

Live I wll give my opinion of what I thought about the conference and more importantly explain a perspective about the conference that many may not be seeing about it.

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47 thoughts on “Puertorock77 Live: Microsoft E3 2019 Post Review and Perspective From A Playstation Fan.”

  1. You did an excellent job breaking down Phil Spencer's mindset, with Xbox being a brand and not a dedicated console etc.

    Great job as always Professor Prock!

  2. E3 – the biggest gaming stage of the year and Microsoft decides to show Bambi headbutting a vending machine. Gtfoh!

  3. congrats for the 5k subs Puertorock 77 from a xbox owner xbox e3 was a 5/10 Cyberpunk 2077 was 3 point's Gears 5 was 1 point elite V2 & double fine was 1 point. Square Enix won E3 that was a 6 FF7 Remake/Marvel's Avengers 3/3 just hope FF7 Remake comes to xbox one too smiling

  4. Now xbox executives are saying wait till next e3 lmao u cant make this shit up, i pity the poor fkrs that got duped into buying 2 or 3 pointless shitboxes this gen.

  5. Phil listening to Xbox gamers yet unfollow an Xbox gamer who had criticisms about MS conference being underwhelming. Yep Phil definitely listening to the fans👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Being an owner of both consoles, I don't want Xbox to fail. I just want them to step up their game in the exclusives department. This in turn encourages Playstation to step up their game the more so. End result, we all win as gamers which I am first.

  7. Xbox has truly become a device falling under the umbrella of the Xbox name, but lacks a pure identity by being on so many other devices. Xbox as a device is suffering from multiple personality disorder in its gaming identity. Sad to say, Phil Spencer being the drug causing these split personalities.

  8. What's up ? I agree with what you said in this video. I personally am a Playstation fan, but I own both consoles because I do like Xbox as well, even being more Playstation centric. If I had to use an analogy for what Xbox is doing, it would be like a fight between two prized fighters, Playstation and Xbox, and Xbox has a secret sauce to be the better and stronger fighter, but yet they give that secret sauce to their competitor that is already stronger, and Playstation pummels Xbox before they swing the first punch. Playstation being that competitor on the secret sauce Xbox is freely giving them. That secret sauce being Microsoft's poor business decisions as a competitor.

  9. First of all congrats to 5,000 subs but man E3 in general was terrible and awful. Sony must have known first hand this E3 would probably be one of the worst of all time. Not just Microsoft but EA Bethesda and Ubisoft not sure how Square Enix will turn out but everything we saw was mainly games as a service, streaming, mobile gaming and a lack of new games it made me ashamed as a gamer. You said a while back that these companies will be doing Gaming services and look at Ubisoft you are spot on. I fear for the gaming industry

  10. Its sad how Nintendo makes better quality games than M$ dispite having much weaker hardware and less money. I had zero expectations for M$ conference, but it was worst than I could imagine. They didn't even show gameplay for Gears and Halo. Nothing but Gamepass shovelware. On the scale of garbage sauce and dumpster juice I rate that conference a 100%.

    I always check your content because you keep it real from a gamer perspective, agree or disagree.

  11. Final Fantasy 7 Remake releasing 3.3.2020 exclusively for PS4, that's huge, so far early 2020 for PS4 could look like this: TLOU2, FF7R, Persona 5 Royale, Nioh 2, who knows what else, all exclusives, crazy

  12. I noticed the same thing, PC and cell phone got an exclusive but the actual console got nothing I'm convinced they leaving the console space soon

  13. that "console streaming" MS talked about is what PS4 has been doing since day 0 this gen with Remote Play & later with SharePlay, same thing PSNow does except the ps4s are in Sony's servers, people trashed PSNow tech for years bruh, for years, and MS came 5 years later and told you that in 1 year they will do the same thing, you can't make this shit up

  14. Congrats on the Subs bro. Hope more people see the light and Sub. "Only friend in these Youtube streets" that saying is real talk.

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