Rachel Libres – Maybe This Time | Solo Round | Idol Philippines 2019

Rachel Libres shocks Judges with her power ballad performance.

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42 thoughts on “Rachel Libres – Maybe This Time | Solo Round | Idol Philippines 2019”

  1. eto pinakamagandang performance sa solo round. magheadset kayo husay ng crispness nung boses. sarap magmahal 💕

  2. Ang nagustuhan konsa kanya ay yung fears na kanyang mukha at cute at maganda boses at siya ang pinaka idol sa IDOL PHILIPPINES.

  3. dapat mga ganitong genra at english kinanta niya sa live rounds. Sayang siya pa nman isa sa gusto ko dito. 😢 Balik ka babe please.

  4. In this industry, no matter how good you are if you sound the same with the present artists in the business most likely you are not picked

  5. parang si Sarah G ang naririnig ko pag pumikit ako. plakado! 😍 ang disadvantage lang, baka hindi sya panalunin kasi nga may Sara G na. wag naman sana maluto like all the other times tapos text votes na naman🙄.

  6. Magaling xa pero meron me mas magaling sa knya. Meron me mas charisma sa knya. Too early for her to assume na xa na ang panalo from the way she cry. The judges were not even impress on her piece. Just sayin

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