Redstone in MCPE is VERY Confusing..

After 7 years of PC Redstone, I thought I would give it a go in the Windows 10 version.. It left me completely muddled.
Today we try out MCPE/Win10/console redstone. It was not an easy thing to get the hang of, but eventually we get the hang of it and build some interesting redstone builds!

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Intro: ProleteR – Can’t Stop Me
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23 thoughts on “Redstone in MCPE is VERY Confusing..”

  1. I know that a lot of you play on Minecraft Pocket Edition, so I thought I would see how redstone works over there.
    I was shocked at how entirely different it actually is! I have new respect for you Pocket Edition redstone people!

  2. I know this real real old but timing for the double piston extender is just 3 ticks on bottom 6 ticks for the final retraction and no ticks for the final extension

  3. 9:03 and I thought my 2×3 Pistons doors with a XOR gate for both sides opening and closing on PE were overblown…

  4. I play PE exclusively, so redstone is just a mind bender. I fumble around til it works or it doesn't. I have so many failed, half finished contraptions scattered around my world's.

  5. I'm happy I finally found this video, because I play MCPE and I'm learning redstone.. I have had constant problems with trying to recreate redstone contraptions and I thought I was somehow screwing it up, but no this is still how a lot of things work.

  6. One time in mincraft windos 10 i made a piton door with 2 piston 1 dust o the redstone and noting else btw try making a combanation lock 4by 4 did it win 10 edition😎

  7. I had no idea what in the world Mumbo was talking about at 6:19 for a while, it looked to me like he was just freaking out over nothing until he said what I meant. Redstone going into pistons has always just been natural for me, like ofc they’re redstone components, when you think of redstone you think of piston contraptions, when you think of pistons you picture a redstone machine.

  8. just place two reapeters for the front on max delay and on the back place one on max delay and redstone dust into the block for the double piston extender

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