26 thoughts on “SHEN vs ZED FULL BUILD FIGHTS & Best Moments!”

  1. Shen without Sunfire, it's a bit hard to find one. Spirit visage is not so good on Shen unless you have a team with very good healing sups.

  2. Omg shen missed a lot of Q's!!. If he get the sword threw enemy champion he get empowered dmg ( double ) 70% passive reset at every Q.. shen needs only 10 sec to kill zed i did a 1v1 me shen and my friend his main zed.. and yea.. no chance.. like assassins have no dmg to get down a tank

  3. I just cry with laughter for the Zed mains always finding a mistake or opening just to defeat Shen in this 1v1 like, "stack the BC first", or "ult after sterak's passive ends", or "have at least one tank item", and so on like brooo, THERE'S NO WAY AN ASSASSIN CAN BEAT A TANK END OF STORY. Unless the assassin is like 20/0 and the tank is like 0/10 well then its obvious who would win by then but when like equally fed, no way. And also, like i mean, Shen is even severely handicapped in this 1v1 match-up as he has no ult to attack zed or even to use it to defend himself against Zed lolz, while Zed is completely prepared in this 1v1, as his passive is strong against enemies below 50% health dealing magic %hp damage, ult that is literally a 1v1 tool execute, 2 skill burst damage combos, a skill that is a gap closer and can disengage better than Shen's taunt dash, and get that Shen has literally only one damage skill, and get this, Shen's W skill, is also non-existent against Zed as it only blocks auto-attacks, and well, Zed's a skill combo burst champ, and Shen doesn't build cdr and so, he always has long cooldowns compared to Zed and can't spam his skills as much as Zed can, and so, there is only little room for mistakes for Shen's side.

  4. Shen: Misses E to a perfectly timed Zed ulti, nobody complains
    Zed: Misses a single Q once despite landing the entire combo to its max potential besides that, angry Zed main noises

  5. I'm a Shen main but I truly believe Zed can beat Shen late game, that's if Zed doesn't use his ult early. He has to wait for Shen's shields and items go CD before using his ult. But then again, a smart Shen would time his W and E when Zed uses his ult, preventing Zed to land all his combo in time. In the end, it all comes to how good the players controlling Shen and Zed are.

  6. Lol this shen is not even trying to dodge anything and why tf is he starting fight with taunt against zed. Wtf shen cant even use his q

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