42 thoughts on “The Times When Tiffany Ruined Jessica Lines in Girls Generation”

  1. Tiffany didn't quite "ruin" it but she deff doesn't have the soft and sweet yet strong voice that Jessica offered to the group. Tiffany's voice is definitely jarring after we've been accustomed to Jessica singing those lines for years.

  2. You guys really think SM assigned the lines as if SNSD didn’t have the power to choose at that point in their career? I’m a fan from beginning to end but come on.

  3. Tiffany has a good vocal but to the point that telling her ruined Jessica's line is unjustifiable the fact that they have different styles in singing. Try to appreciate her voice and try to watch her singing bad girls covering Jessica's lines.

  4. People are butthurt, but in the end they are the ones lying to themselves, look at these comment trying to find excuses, look at the dislikes.So much fascism in their heart to attack opinions they oppose.

  5. I dont see anything wrong……both are great singers, different techniques,, but thanks for recommending these great songs to me!!!!

  6. Such a hater, how are you a true sone if you say one member ruins everything? But it doesn’t matter now, Tiffany living her best life while you sit behind a screen giving hate.

  7. I have to agree, Tifanny voice is just too loud, and at one point it didn't sound pleasant at all, it kinda annoying. Not all the time, but as some point yes. Just my opinion tho, u don't have to agree. Anyway, it's all in the past now.

  8. how the hell did tiff ruin the songs? damn, the girl is amazing.. both girls are great andhave totally different voices.. stop hating on Tiff! it’s not her fault Jess left snsd. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. Jessica is better for me. Jessica is a loss to them ✌️but it's so rude to call Tiffany ruining it they just have different pitch it's fine tho

  10. Hey,even though Tiffany's voice is high, and loud and a little husky that doesn't mean she ruins the lines. She has a beautiful voice! I know Jessica is more better but you cant compare their voices, they have different styles! I miss OT9, try to mess up one more time and your going to mess with us SONEs!

  11. It sure ain't Tiffany's fault as I doubt SM allowed the girls the creative freedom over line distribution.They should had given the lines to Seohyun or Sunny instead. Tiffany has a deeper voice and they suddenly gave her some high notes that ofcourse would strain her voice since she hasn't practiced singing them before. You can hear she has trouble reaching the lines but she is as professional as ever and tries to reach them and when it doesn't work she continues to sing the lines beautifully on a lower register.

    Despite all of the drama and heartache, let us not forget that SNSD reached its legendary status thanks to all 9 members. Jessica and Tiffany were once very close and on difficult times they would stand by one another. People fall apart and that's okay. Let us not be the type of solo-stans that bring the other members down. Respect all 9 members even if you cannot necessarily like them anymore.

  12. OK EVERYONE! IF YOU WANT TO BE ACTUALLY MUSICALLY EDUCATED GET SOME POPCORN AND SIT BACK…… So… from a music standpoint the reason I would never give these ad-libs or runs to Sunny is because Sunny is WONDERFUL at hitting pitched melodic notes at a higer tempo and syncopation, yet she really struggles in long sustained notes since her vibrato is extremely fast and choppy. Fast vibrato makes long sustain notes very difficult to sound pleasing to the ear. The timber of Jessica's voice is very mouth-nasal forward (which yes is very similar to sunny), but her vibrato is the EXACT opposite of Sunny. Her vibrato on sustained notes as you can hear is very elongated, almost to the point that I would ask her to change it to prevent sounding like a slow "warble" sound (think of like an old high-church woman using vibrato). So the contrast in those two things is something I would deliberately try to avoid in giving Sunny high sustained notes. Tiffany on the other hand when she is actually singing in her upper register is not "husky" at all. It is only when she is dipping into her lower register it becomes a bit breathy, but once she gets past her deeper register and gets into her head and upper chest tessitura (comfortable vocal range) it is actually also quite mouth forward and bright as well. (You can do this too…. start at a low note that you are still comfortable hitting and you should feel the vibration more in your chest or lower throat like Tiffany's "husky" sound, then slide up and get into your upper register and the vibration should be felt more almost in the top of your head or upper throat.)

    From a musical stand point their upper register timbers are very similar. So if I were to give Jessica's head voice and ad-libs to anyone it would be Tiffany or Tae. I am sure Tae at live concerts has more than enough vocal moments; to the point that that she is about spent on vocal dollars to achieve even more belts. Tiffany on the other hand does not have that many "vocally taxing" (meaning notes that require a lot of energy and strain on the vocal chords) moments and should easily be able to do these without risk of losing her voice by the end of the concerts.

    I know this is long, but I actually thought this was a parody, since Tiffany to my ear sounds more stable, less flat (which Jessica DEFINITELY leans towards flat too often), and a much better vibrato speed. So I legit thought all the vocal and belts were improvements. The comments people make are actually laughable.

  13. Why is there a distance between Goldenstars and Sones? Yes. There is a huge difference between Jessica and Tiffany’s singing. Jessica received adlibs as a member of Girls’ Generation for her reason… her voice was unique and top notch. But also I don’t understand why fans are going against SNSD as well. Jessica was and will always be a member of the group. I don’t think it was right to give Tiffany most of her famous high notes and ad libs, but I also don’t think it’s fair for fans to compare the two. They are both unique and amazing in their own way. Don’t make people forget about how amazing she preformed in such a legendary group.

  14. Even this day, next day, next week, next month, even next year, i'm still hoping that OT9 will be reunite again. Even not in the same Company.

  15. I'm didn't see it's ruined, because they have different voices. I see the comments here a lot more in Sunny's voice to sing Jessica's part. Compared to Sunny voice and Jessica voice, they are almost identical, but Jessica's voice is soft, high and strong while Sunny's voice is soft but not strong if Jessica part very high voice . You all see how Sunny always plays Jessica's low voice, because her voice is so good because their voices are so similar. If Jessica's voice was high part , Tiffany , Taeyeon would always take it, even though their voices were different , which is why SM always handed Tiffany to take Jessica part , because Tiffany's voice big and strong. If you were all SONE, you wouldn't say a bad word to one member because of Tiffany's voice. I do hope that their fans don't compare their voice, because they have unique and different features. Who make this video to compared their voice , it's very wrong .


  16. Tiffany did fine in all of them, SM’s just stupid for giving her so many high notes when it’s clear her voice isn’t cut out for them.

  17. When Jess left snsd i believe sones and even snsd knew how much the songs will change. Covering her parts will be hard especially those ohhss she did on their songs and her tune and voice is unique.
    Like they performed great escape as 8 and it just dont sound right. All my love is for u sounds a different songs without her and even Taeyeon cant cover everything.
    Her leaving is the main reason they just simply stopped pretending that all of them sings the chorus in unison.

  18. Wow! Rolls eyes…nasty shade. Where is princess Jessica? She was a grown woman…she made her decisions and only her so don't be stupid. Jessica picked clothes over singing…end of story.

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